In the beginning, there was nothingness.

The great Aedifex came upon this nothingness and decided it would not do, and so created this world. Our world, upon which we stand and sit and read these words. But there was not much one could do with just a world, and so Aedifex created life forces that would govern all things - light and darkness. Governing time, growth and so much more, light and darkness were equal powers that created all life upon this planet by themselves.

And for quite some time, all existed in harmony. Aedifex watched the world grow and evolve and develop, letting light and darkness do the work as they pleased.

But there began to be whispers amongst the world's living creatures - whispers of one lifeforce being stonger than the other.
Light and Darkness, equal powers for such a long time, began to doubt they were indeed equal.

The powers began to war with each other - Light, lead by Father, and Darkness, lead by Mother, bgean an onslaught that would shatter Aedifex's world forever. In order to quell the now uncontrollable powers, Aedifex split the world into two realms:
Hell, the realm of darkness, and Heaven, the realm of light. But still, the powers warred, even into each other's realms.
The sheer power of the war shattered the boundaries of the realms and created a third no-man's-land in which the war was waged - Earth, realm of mortality. It was in this realm that the creatures of light and darkness that did not wish to war any more decided to flee to.

The war was then left to Father and his army of angels and Mother governing an army of demons. Finally, Aedifex came upon the world to stop the fight once and for all...
And was promptly cleaved in two. The world's creator, killed by it's inhabitants - which, of course, each blamed the opposing side for Aedifex's death.

The war was finally ended when Mother was slain by Father's top soldier, Lucifer. It seemed the light had proven itself as the stronger force of the two.

And for quite sometime, there was no more fighting. The creatures of the Earth Realm began to favour the all-powerful Light, naming Father their God, even though Father knew that he was a mere creation of another. Lucifer asked Father why he was allowing himself to be seen as an almighty God, even though they were partially responsible for the death of the real one.

Father saw this as a threat to his new seat as overlooker of the world and its realms, and cast Lucifer from Heaven.

For quite some time, Lucifer wandered Earth and simply thought. Thought about how everything had played out for the world which they all shared.
Lucifer's journey through both the world and his own mind brought him to the lowest realm - Hell. Hell's inhabitants watched in horror as the one who had slain their ruler made his way through their realm to where Mother had once sat, guiding them.

"I know all of Heaven's secrets - their strengths, their weaknesses, and how to breach their realms," he said to the demons that had gathered in a mix of horror and curiousity. "Father has proclaimed himself God of this world - something that we should not sit back and watch happen. I can turn this war around for you, demons of Hell. Let me lead you to victory."

The realm of Hell let out a cry of triumph and crowned their new king - the war was back on.

But something else was going on behind the scenes of the world's everyday events of the three realms - something hidden, yet right before the eyes of all. Heaven and Hell were so wrapped up in dealing with each other that they had failed to notice another realm being born in the midst of it all.

Purgatory - the realm of nothingness.

A realm shuttered off from the world's main problems - light and darkness. And something big was happening within this invisible realm. Something that light and darkness would never contemplate happening to them.

A power neutral to light and darkness was rising.

A whole new war was about to begin.