The Book Guardian

A little white ball of fluff lays on a shelf of books. Her ears cant forward as though she can hear the stories within. Her eyes are closed in contemplation. Her tail curls around the bindings protectively. She never moves as she waits for someone to chose a book from her shelves. Her little belly rises and falls with each breath, the only sign that she isn't a statue.

Her eyes open when she hears someone approach. She lifts her small head and blinks open obsidian eyes. Her ears twitch and she opens her mouth to reveal a small pink tongue and needle teeth. She stretches and hops down to greet the newcomer. Her tail arches into the air as she moves towards this person.

The person reaches down to scratch the guardian between her ears. A rumbling purr stirs in her little chest and the person laughs in joy at the sound. She looks up at the person and her tail waves back and forth. She knows this person is looking for a specific book. As guardian she knows every title within her library and knows what people are seeking.

Her little haunches wiggle and she jumps onto a shelf. She uses her paws to pull forth a book and the person exclaims and claps their hands. The little guardian takes pride in her handiwork and poses for the person's delight. Then she pulls the book out further until it falls onto a waiting platform. The book falls open as it lands.

The person looks through the contents then nods. They give thanks to the guardian and leave to enjoy their book. The little guardian watches the person disappear beyond the door. Her little chest deflates as realization hits her. Everyone comes in for a book but no one comes in for the little guardian herself.

She wishes for the day that someone will come in and take her away. She loves her books but they can be so lonely. She traces a paw lovingly over the covers and listens to the tales they spin. Some of romance, others of adventures. Some that send chills up her spine. Gunfire fills her head as her paw comes to rest on a Western novel.

Still she wishes for a home. For someone to love her like she loves her books. A guardian's life is very lonely. She sighs and jumps onto the top of her books, tucking her tail over her nose.

Her eyes open when the bells tinkle over the door as it opens. A girl enters the library of books and looks around. The guardian sits up and cleans her coat. She must look her best for each newcomer.

The little girl's eyes widen as she looks around the library. Then she sees the little guardian. She runs up to her. The guardian tries to find out which book she wants but she draws a blank. This has never happen before. The guardian shakes her head, her ears swaying. The girl picks up the guardian and cuddles her close. The little one's eyes widen in surprise. She has never been held before.

The little guardian looks up into wide blues eyes. The girl smiles and strokes the guardian. She purrs and snuggles into the girl's arms. The lonliness vanishes as the guardian finds herself taken home from the library. A touch of guilt fills her as she looks across the many books she has watched over. But she has found a place and possibly new books to protect.

The End

This was inspired while seeing my kitten Mavis laying on a shelf. She kind of looked like she was keeping my books safe so I wrote a piece about a cat in a library. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy a sweet little moment of fluff.