She walks among the fireflies

Balances across golden skies

Hears all the children cry

There she goes, by the bye

When she sings

The world doth stop

And even snails attempt to hop

She bewitches night and day

Betwixt the swan and red herrings lay

Fighting dawn and abhorring dusk

She hates the silence

That follows the husk

Of what she once was

And what she's become

Her heart still beats like a tribal drum

Finding a place amongst the masses

Is a sorry feat to accomplish

As she lies atop the dying, yellow grasses

She ponders over whether

The world spins or twirls

Like a ballerina dancer

Teaching seven girls

Upon that night she watches the snowflakes

Through it all she is a necromancer

Bringing back what once was dead

She is the one who never loses her head

Her heart is as heavy as lead

Though she's the daughter

Of the dawn that was red