Silent Lights

Cold. Dark. Morbid. Night. Cloudy, Snowy.

A blizzard. A soul. Trapped inside. A face. Looking. Waiting, Watching. Tired, Bored. Calm. Placid. A warm light. Calm.


A tree. Breaking. Crashing, falling. Lights flicker. Off. On. Off. On. Off. On. Then off. Darkness.

Stagnant darkness.

And silence. Silence piercing. Booming. Silence louder. Louder. Longer. Silence. Louder than sound.

Beating heart. Breathe. Just breathe. Keep calm. Breathe.

What? A sound?! Listening. Waiting. Watching, peering. Not breathing. Waiting. Anticipating.


Tension gone. Calmness. Breathing. Safe? Safe. Imagination? Yes. Yes of course. Imagination. From nerves. Sighing. Relief. Assuaged. Placid again.

Blind. Walk. Carefully walk. Forced movement. Control. Don't trip. Don't fall. Breathe. Step, breathe. Repeat. Forward. Fingers. Tracing the wall. Feeling. Careful. Breathe.

Power source. Light. Find light. Keep going.


Something there. Unnatural presence. Inhumane. Senses tingling.

Grabbed. Cold hands. Skeletal. Long. Sharp, pointy. Panic, run. Run free. Break free, run. Run away. Monster. Demon. Footsteps. Two pairs. Following. Mimicking. Chasing. Sweaty, fatigued. Tired. Scared.

Stop. Listen again. Agonizing silence. Again. Embellished by darkness. Silence. Fear. Hallucinations? Scared.

Silence. Breathe quietly. Senses on fire. Warning, hair prickling. Gooseflesh. Shivering, shaking.

Lights flash on.

Grotesque face. Twisted. Leering. Lurking. Dark. Pointed, bloody teeth. Ugly. Dangerous. Adrenaline.

The demon. Inside. Advancing. Observing. Astute. Sensing fear. Feeds of fear. Hunger. Tantalizing. Wants more. Blood. Body, mind, soul. Everything.

Mocking, grinning.

Back away. Quickly. Negligible, incoherent words. Stutter. Begging. Pleading.


Faster. Further. Father. Push on. Live. Survive. Panic. Trapped. Cornered. Locked doors. No windows. Bright light. The creature. Pleased. Pompous. Satisfied with prey. Still hungry.

Stepping closer.

Scream. Terror consuming. Frightening. Face to face. Millimeters away. Opened mouth. Teeth. Rotting. Foul breath. Gurgling. Spitting out bones. Teasing. Playing. Brevity in hissing:


Nowhere to go. Heart pounding. Pumping. Fast. Incessantly beating. The lights flicker. Rhythmic to the beats. Matching. Mimicking. Mocking. Last breath. Demon closes in. Face enlarged. Utter terror. Drawing nearer. Closer. Claws wrapping around. Digging into flesh. Past skin. Down to the bone. Unimaginable pain. Fear. Eyes widen. Blood. Pain. Teeth. Red. Red eyes. Eye contact, satisfaction. Triumph. Lights faster. Heart beating faster. The last thing seen- red eyes.

The light goes off.