Mistake Of A Diseased Mind.

Needles hurt, emptiness relieves,
pain is real whether you like it or not,
it will make you stronger,
not invincible, not invicible, but it will
make you fade away, slowly, but surely,
if only you'd follow through.

Don't fall, don't deny,
give in, breathe it in, accept the pain,
accept the emptiness,
no colors, no sounds,
just your skin and your regret,
your mind to collide with your outside chaos.

Embrace such desired emptiness,
it will be one of the only things left,
recognition out of numbness and shame.

Please, please, follow their sharp blade of bone,
walk hand in hand with both of them,
their cold will freeze your heart, but it will
harden your armor, don't give in to yourself,
fall down, rise, far away from the full colors and sounds,
they mean nothing without your emptiness.

Nothing, not to them, not to you.

Right now, you are nothing.

Your dreams do not exist, they died,
only ashes of said strange, promising wings,
only dead ends for you to reach, no sun,
no warmth, inviting the cold of their words,
their minds, their souls. You are marble stone.

Let it come, take you, embrace you,
forget everything else but such inviting emptiness,
such harmful dead end.