In my world, everything was perfect. Everything and everyone was anything and anyone they wanted to be. I would live my whole fifteen years without social interaction. No real friends, no real family, no no one, and most importantly no reality.

Ever since I was five years old, I decided that I can use my imagination to make anything I want. When I am in church, the priest would become Yoda, and body and blood would become the sacred potion that would turn Yoda into a human again. In the car, when Avril Lavign's song "Sk8ter boi" would come on, the story in my head would be gender-switched. Everything would be different. Not completely. My stepmom would be my real mother, and my stepdad would be my real father. And my real unstep parents wouldn't be my real unstep parents. Confuseing? Maybe.

Am I weird?

Not in the slitest bit.

On the first day of freshman year, also my birthday, it was my first real day. Let me start over.

I woke up at six o'clock in the morning, took my regular shower, as always, but something happened. Before my actual day begins, I always think of a regular storybasis of the day. but I couldn't thik. Intergalactic war? Already did that. Fantasy drama? Done. Star-crossed love? Whatever. A pre-apocoliptic world in which vampire-animal hybrids stalk human prey, and the humans, in order to survive have to sacricfice emotions and happiness to become androids, defeat the Vampmals, and start a world completely dependant on technology, in order to feel normal again? No, that scenario was too overdone. My mind was wiped. It was completely, not flowing. I took my shower. I applied my eyeliner, light cream colored eyeshadow, and coral colored lip balm. My skin was white, and my face had been sunkissed from the summer. I had solid black hair. It was jet straight, but not limp and lifeless. it was healthy, and as Lori would say "It is like you, healthy and happy, but doesn't look like it." Lori is my stepmom. She was tall, blond, full of enthusiasim, and I am certain that her heart is pumping RedBull infested blood.

I picked up my schoolbag, still stunned that I might actually have to interact with real people today. I always did my schoolwork and homework, answered my teachers when asked, and did all reports as the directions told me to do, and as a result, straight As. But never asked questionsto my teachers. Never talked to other classmates. never talked to the principal. I barely know those faces, I barely knew anyone that I didn't talk to everyday. Those who I talked to were Lori, Jack, and Angel. Angel is my black and white cat. She has golden eyes, pure gold, not yellow in any way. Her tail is the longest I have ever seen on a cat too. Jack is my stepdad, he is the one who insisted on calling him and Lori by their fist names. Jack is a man who has dirty blond hair and brown eyes, he is tall, taller than Lori but not as leggy. He isn't very strong, in fact he is very weak, I doubt that he has ever worked out ever. Two humans, and an animal were my closeset companions.

I took my schoolbag, a brown and beige messanger bag made of 100% real leather, not uncommon in my school, a fact I found out later. "Goodbye Lori, Jack, and Angel..." I said after my meal of oatmeal and apples. I stepped out and took my memorized route to the Metrotrain stops. The city I live in most people take a subway, but I take the Metrotrain.

The Metrotrain is relativly new to the U.S. In Japan, China, and France, they have had the Metrotrain for 30 years. While we only 10. I have my MT card in hand. A neon green rectanglular plastic, it showed my name and picture. My picture was renewed every year, and it has yet.

My TechClock on my wrist still has a picture of me when I wore my hair in two braids on either side of my head. At the time, it was whatever, now I see that I should pay a little more attention to my appearance. My TechClock showed in bright blue letters "Luciasisa La'Croix", my name. No middle name, no need for the MT, we are soaring at highspeeds above the city. I live in capital city Triste, California. Triste is now the largest city in the United States, but that may be because when most towns got bigger, they took some property from smaller towns. Smaller just becomes smaller.

There are five districts in Triste. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Sone, and Mond. I live in Sone, I go to school in Mond. I see the buildings change from Sone to Mond in and instant. Sone has self-employed, mom and pop businesses. While Mond has more corporal businesses were. Includeing one of the MT branches.

Seeing Triste, for what it seemed to be like the first time, I was surprised that I knew the basic facts. I was islotaed from everything. I lived with myself, and only myself. I never even talked to my cat. in my day-to-day fantasies I did, but now, I think I can. I can't think of a differnent way to live. To think. To imagine. I believe that maybe I can, for the firat time in 16 years, make a friend? It was my birthday, and the first day of highschool. I walked into a school I knew I had never seen before. I was accepted for my perfect grades, only those with money and perfect grades come here. It was Voltaire Academey. I wore a uniform, but it was just regular clothes, my last school we wore something simular. A black and white plaid skirt, white polo shirt, black socks, black jacket, and now my signiture hairstlye for the year; "my hair will now have ribbons" i thought to myself, deciding that maybe I need differnet hair and maybe my mind will follow. Voltaire Academy was large, very large, so large that I think that I would mistake it for business-home. I walked in, and went to the classroom. The classmates were at their desks, but yet converseing and socializeing with those around them. There were three boys in front, behind, and next to the seat where I was sitting. My seat was off next to a window. The boy in front of me was a platinum blond-haired boy, and that was it. Nothing else but he was a boy. I knew a boy was behind me, but I didn't turn, I could tell from the sound of his voice, also he was only talking to girls. They flocked to him, asking pointless questions, and giggleing at every remark he made. Then the boy next to me. He also had blond hair, but it wasn't platinum, it was dirty blond. he had few freckles below his eyes. his skin was like milk and honey. He had a glow to him, like Lori, but not so...firey. He turned to look at me, I met his glance. "Who are you?" He asked me. He wasn't demanding my identity, but just out of pure boyish curiosity. He seemed more like a boy than a guy, or dude.

"Me?" I asked, not sure how to really respond. If it was a teacher, my name. But anyone else, would it still be my name?

"Yes, do you not know who you are?" He asked me, smiling, as if I joked.

"I am, er, Luciasisa La'Croix." I said. Looking at his brown eyes, thinnking he must be here for grades.

"Got a pen name, Miss?"

"Lucy. That is what Lori, Jack, and Angel call me. Well Angel doesn't call me Lucy, just Lori and Jack. Jack thinks Angel can talk. Angel is a cat. So does Lori. But Lori isn't a cat. Jack and Lori believe that the cat can...speak...and...think...They aren't psychos they are my step parents. Well my real mom left my real dad. And my real dad, married Lori, and my real dad died in the war, so Lori remarried her childhood friend Jack, and now they are my parents. And your eyes are brown..." I said, rambling my real life, to him, ending in a face shattering 'no der' fact.

He didn't look at me like I am odd, he just looked at me like I was a regular human. At the time I didn't think much about it. Now three months later. I feel like it was wonderous.

"That is great." He said with a warm-hearted smile, "I am Eli Lenson, nice to meet you Lucy." He held out his hand. I will always feel silly for this, but I kissed his hand. I never performed a handshake before. And at the time, it was the most plausible thing to do. He didn't act weird or creeped out like the other guy did(that is a differnet story), but he just saw me as i was. Little did I know what I was.

In this year, I made a friend who will last me, perphaps forever. that is what Eli said anyway. I get too ahead of myself. But to put it simply, if you still do not understand this yet; This is the story of how I came out into reality, and saw that the truth is crazier than the lies, or in this case, the reality is more crazy than my mind.

I believe it is now Me, Misel, and Eli... Well I just have to tell you about Misel later...

~La Vida Roko~