After my confrontation with Eli Lenson, I wondered what to say, so I didn't say anything, just to waited to answer his questions. I turned to the teacher, a short woman with large boobs. She wasn't slim, she had curves but was chunky so she couldn't be considered a Lost Liny.

Lost Linys is a brand of lingerie models. When I say brand, I mean that the actual women are branded with "L.L". The reason why it is called "Lost Linys" is unknown to me.

In the plainest of words, she is chubby. She has the new hairstly of green-pink bubblegum waves. She was about 28, and was ready t teach us things most would already know.

"Good day class. I am your instructer, my name is Miss Neko, but please just call me Neko. I don't want to simply teach you, I want to show you the true joy of this world, so you may call me a tour guide of the world. Or should I say universe?" She said using exagerated hand gestures. "Because some exciting news we have today! NASA is annouceing today the date of Lunar Real Estate! Isn't it inticing? We might be able to live on the moon. You be neighbors to Micros!" I know what Micros are.

Micro is short for Micro-organisims. One of the first astronauts since the close of lunar missions found the most peculiar thing. A small bug that produced oxigen, through a simular form of photosynthesis; that means that humans may be able to live on the moon.

"As if..." I muttered.

"What did you just say to me?" Neko yelled to my corner of the classroom.

"As if." I responded, telling the complete truth.

"You have an attitude missy, missy"


"Miss La'Croix, you must be angry at the world? Don't let your anger out on me! Lunar travel is soooo possible. I mean like, why not? Have YOU ever been in a rocketship? Like, do you know the control pannels and stuff. Do you know the difference from a Cupcake engine 364-model 9000 and a CottonCandy star model? NO! I don't think so."

I stood up from my seat and looked her in the eye. I was confused so may questions, I don't know how on earth this will turn out. Maybe if I was on the moon... "Should I answer those?"

"Yes please do!" She said, with a sarcastic tone of voice that I didn't know at the time.

"No, no, no, and no, Miss Neko" I said, taking my seat. Everyone's eyes were staring at me. The boy in front of me, he has blue eyes, sunburned skin, and a sharp pointy nose, he also had invisible braces, you could tell because his teeth had a coat of shiny gloss. She began class as normally as she could. But still trying to compress her anger toward me. She gave us our ischool and we reviewed what we learned last year. A simple quiz was given to us. At the end the scores are shown apon the smartboard, a computor chalkboard. I am the only one who recieved 100% correct. Everyone looked at me. Eli, the boy in front of me, and the boy behind me seemed to be talking to someone, but they weren't answering back. It was now lunch and I usually eat in the classroom back in middleschool, but now do I have a friend in Eli? I turn to see him make a mad rush to the door.

My meal consists of BCBB; bread, cheese, bacon, and butter. More plainly, a panini. I take a bite and it melts in my mouth, a perfect meal. I also have a Coke (soda), watermelon, and chips. I made it his morning and it is always the same. Behind me the boy chatters on and on with the ladies. Complementing on hair, shoess, clothes, face, body, and personality. He also askes the girls about thier interests, none are intresting,usually just reading, soccer, and cheerleading. All of them are modest, all are cute, I don't have to turn around to know that, it is just obvious.

"And you?" He asked, tapping my shoulder. He finised a conversation with Mary, and now asking me.

"I am-" I said before being interuppted, I turn to see a boy with tanned skin, brown hair, and amber eyes.

"I know who you are. You are Giorette Fay, or most commonly known to Lori, Jack, and Angel the cat, Lucy. Also that Eli's eyes are brown..." He gave a giggle at the end, showing that he talks alot and that he is also an eavesdropper.

"You were listening on my conversation? What do you mean by 'and you'?"

"Yes, and tell me about yourself, your interests, your dreams..."

"I love to think and imagine, and yesterday I was a spanish conquistador, search for the fountain of youth again but died in a demolition accident. Today I am...fifteen..." I said first fast then slowing the pace. I forgot that it was my birthday that day.

"Your birthday today?" I nodded. "Happy birthday. I am Misel Interitum." He held out his hand and I kissed it. He hand was soft. He looked at me blushing, whole face was red. "W-w-wh-what are you doing?"

"Kissing your hand, why?"

"Um, hand, held for shaking, not, pretty, kissing...Interitum, my name...Misss..." He was babbleing, and stupifyed.

"I apologize, but why were you putting your hand out?"

"Shake, hand. Handshake, that is what to do," He still couldn't formulate sentence.

"Oh, sorry (holding out my hand, Misel looked at it, then kisses it like I did), why?" I asked

"Though it would be funny, but try not to french kiss guys when you meet them, okay?" He gave me a warm smile, and I ate my lunch.

~At the end of the day, afterschool~

"HEY LUCY!" someone yelled. I turned around at the building behind me, most of the student were gone, but Miss Neko wanted to clarify with me the possiblity of intergalatic travel again. It was Misel Interium, he was running toward me; Shirt tucked out, no belt, sweater wrapped around his waist, no tie, hair a complete mess. "Hello, want me to walk you home?"

"I don't walk, I take the MT, and I doubt you and I are in the same district."

"I live in Mond."

"Well I in Sone." I looked at him and he looked at me, a breeze wet by, the leaves were rustling in the trees. The sun was going down and there was a pause of silence.

"Oh...Well see you tomorrow," I walked away, "It's pretty dangerous on the way to the MTstop, let me walk you." We walked together to the MTstop, the streets of Mond are dangerous, but if you travel in a group than there is nothing to fear. I walked and saw many street gangs, but they looked like regular people before but only Misel told me what they were.

Ten minutes before we hit the MTstop, Misel said to me "See those guys over there," He leaned close to mehis nose was directly touching my ear, a surge of lightning rolled from my feet to my eyes makeing them pop out a little. I nodded, to odded out to speak, "They are the *stars*, make sure you never seen them alone. Okay sweetie?" he warned. I saw a group of boys about four or five years older than me, they wore an assortment or different colored clothes and mixed matched items, on thier right arms was a bandanna that had a different designs of the same symbol; a star. They walked toward us on the same side of the street as us. They were looking at me maliciously and with evil intent. Misel curled his arm around mine and acted normal. His arm was more muscular than I thought.

After we passed them, still walking arm in arm. Misel telling me about the different gangs and their hangouts. We arrived at the MTstop. "Goodbye Misel." I said formally, "Okay, laters Gigi" he said running off into the city. I stepped on the MT and sat comfortably for awhile than reviewed the day in my head.

I met Eli, Neko, and Misel...and reality. I never knew that so many bad people were in Mond. What about Sone? If Sone was infested by gang parasites than Misel would walk me, wouldn't he? And what was up with that whispering in my ear, I could feel his breath down my neck, and his lips nearly touching my ear... it was weird...but more exciting than my mind. Everyday a new adventure in a new place, whether I live or die is up to me. Anything and everything is up to me. But this unpredictable area that I have right now, it is, well it's something. I don't know what is going to happen, maybe reality is kind-of fun in a boring sort of way. and it is my birthday, should there be a party? Do Lori and Jack love me. like they said they do?

I walk the short distance from the MTstop to my house. It was a business home.

Business homes are houses where family and business are combined. You may be living with your boss on few occasions. But to put it plainly, it is a house in which meetings and other matters are discussed but still a living area.

I walk in and see that Jack was in the Meeting room discussing important matters. I go into the kitchen and feed Angel her cat food. "How are you today?" I ask her, she replies with a "Meow".

"Well, yeah. It is my birthday, am I suppose to have a party or something?" Lori walked in. She was wearing her usual house wife dress, it looks like it was made in the 1950s. Again happy and cheerful.

"Were you talking to Angel?" She asked me. pointing to her, she bent down to pat her on the head lovingly.

"Yes, do you love me?"

"Why of course! What a silly thing to ask. I love you with all my mind, body, and soul!"

"Then why don't I have a party on my birthday? Did you forget?"

"Of course not. I thought you didn't want one."


"Because you are always so busy living in your head that you wouldn't notice it. I made you a cake though, it is the icebox, go and get it if you like."

"Wait how did you know that I am...not attentionable..."

"I am your mother, I just know..." She pulled out the cake, and on it it said 'Happy Fifteenth Birthday Lucy.' "Would you like candles?" she asked me, I shoke my head, as she cut out two slices, and handed one to me.

"I met three people..." I began to tell her...

~La Vida Roko~