Lori and I talked awhile, had cake, and I finally went to bed. She tucked me in. Something that was missing from my childhood, was being restored now. It wasn't missing, it was just ignored. I ignored an important piece of childhood. Lori tucked me in, covered me with more blankets when I asked, picked up things that I neglected to throw away, and turned off the light. "Lori, may I ask you a question?"

"Yes-dear?" she said with a slight pause.

"Why now do you act like my mom, and not before?"

She looked at me sympathy and then replied warmly; "I am your mother, so I do not act. You just came inot reality now. And why-because I love you-dear" She closed the door and left me to think.

She wasn't really my mother. My father married her when my real mom died, and then dad died, and Jack married Lori...but yet she still loved me. Why? Why does she care? If I die, than would she cry? And if she did, why? The thought of "why" filled my head, and eventually I drifted into a peaceful sleep. When I woke up, I didn't want to dream, didn't want to pretend. I liked Misel and whats-his-face. I did my normal routine and left to the MT. I looked around to see if whats-his-face rode the MT, but then I saw a rather odd looking girl. She sat across from me and carried an umbrella, it was black. Her hair was brown, and damaged from dyes and bleach. She wore eccentric clothing, but she was also wearing, my clothes! She was wearing the school uniform that i was wearing, but with black and red stripped tights, boots with 1,000 different buckles, long gloves of lace, a trillion necklaces that hanged from her neck, several piercings, and her hair was in many individual ponytails all around her head. She wore no make-up except charcoal black eyeliner and ruby red lipstick; and she was gorgeous really. I was staring at her unconsciencly.

"Hey, you," She said to me. I pointed to myself, confirming that she is trying to converse with me. "Yes, the lesbian." She pointed directly at me.

"I am not a lesbian!" I shouted. Everyone looked at me, and I just quickly walked over to her.

"I know, but you were staring at me weirdly, ya know? Anywho I want to just tell ya, that I am Vicky Vanhorn, and I am a vampire. Also we go to the same school. Yay. hugs or something peppy like that..." Her voice had a devil-may-care tone. I then noticed that she stated that she was a vampire.

"A, vampire? You can not be serious? Why tell me? I am Lucy La'Croix! Nice to meet you." I forgot to introduce myself.

"Yes, I am Vicky, and the Odd would like to meet you..."

"The Odd?"

"The Odd."



"like-the, er Odd?"


"So it is the-the Odd?"

"Odd. Odd. Yes. Odd!" She started to get frustrated.

"The Odd?" I asked again.

"Why you?" she mummbled pulling out a bottle of Vodka, but it had a red liquid in it.

"You are a vampire! Dear God!"

"This?" She said pointing to the glass, "its just substitute. Not real blood. Vampires can't drink blood all the time ya know?" She continued sipping.

"i will just go, okay, and I will never see you again please..." I stepped off of the MT when it stopped.

"Well, we go to the same school, so I will just have to meet you afterwards."

We walked to school, and I hoping she wouldn't get any ideas of drinking my blood. I was yelling curses at the sky and pounding my fists at the ground, causeing an earthquake...in my mind...

I wasn't going to completely stop pretending, and drifting out; it was the only thing to save me from Vicky the vampire. I finally got to school, and I sit down in my assigned seat. Whats his face was not there, maybe sick, or eaten by Vicky. Misel wasn't there either. Now that I know that Mond is infested with gangs, what will I do? They will get me. I need friends. Travel in a group. Maybe whats his face and Misel got kidnapped. So I need some protection.

Vicky the vampire came in and sat in the very front of the classroom. I never noticed her before, so she couldn't be a vampire. Vampires are out of the ordinary, she is, but I never noticed her yesterday, so why now?

The day goes by quickly, with low volume of dirty stares from Miss Neko. And the other teachers they seem to be treating me weirdly too. Like the old guy, he was bugging me on my uniform. "Your skirt is too short! This school doesn't stand for vulgarity!"

"It is only two inches from the knee, would you like to measure it?"

"Your shirt is too small, we will not stand for it."

"It is better fitting than hers" I pointed to a nearby girl, she was older than me, and obviously stuffed her undergarment with tissue. The old guy quit bugging me and I was on my way to eat my lunch. I once again ate in the classroom, and that is when Vicky showed up.

"Hey, you, what is your name again?"

"Lucy. Lucy La'Croix. And you are Vicky. What is your last name?"

"The Odd would like to meet you."

"I know. But why are they called-the-um-Odd?"

"Don't know, who cares? Anyway. They want to see you, so." She pulls out a digital camera and takes a few pictures of my bored expression.

"When and where, do they want to see me?" I ask her.

"Oh, I will show you," She was reviewing the pictures, and then looked at me. "You little ugly pie, you." She pinched me check and walked away. I believe that this girl may or may not be a vampire, but what ever she is. She is...Odd...