Love Knows No Boundaries

He loved her.
He loved her with all
Of his terrible, corrupted heart.

He stood silently, watching,
The blood lust as strong
In his throat
As the song on her lips.
Gaily she skipped along,
Without a care in the world.
She was no child,
Yet she cared for childish things,
Her feet and voice as soft
As the wind over the bird's wings.

And he was mesmerised by her song,
By those lips as red as the cloak
Which held tight to her shoulders
And wound its way so elegantly down
To the ground.

Red as the blood which flowed through her veins…

No! No…
He must not think of that,
Not whilst he smelt her sweet scent on the air,
Mingling with the smell of
Freshly mown grass from the village
And dandelions from the glade that no one cared to visit,
Ringing in summer like the bells that greet the Sunday morn.

He had to have her.
He wanted to devour her,
To please and appease her.
He wanted her to love him
The way he loved her.

So faster than light and silent as the darkness
From which he was born,
He ran on ahead of her.

He murdered her grandmother,
A weak heart if ever he'd heard one,
Donned her clothes
And settled in to wait.

He could hear her approaching,
He licked his lips,
Wishing they were hers.

When she entered the cottage and saw
Her grandmother dead and naked upon the floor,
She let out a scream.

And the wolf leapt up
To comfort her,
To hold her close and tell her
It would be okay.

But she was afraid,
So she pulled out the knife hidden
At her waist
And struck once,
Firm and true.

His claws tore
The silk of her cloak easily
And a single drop of his blood
Landed upon her cheek
As he fell.
He lay alone there
On the dusty floor.

In her delusion,
The girl could have sworn
She heard the words
"I love you,"
Pass from his scarlet mouth
As he died.