The pain, it hurts it rips and tears

Unstoppable, but I don't care

All the lies about me, all the tears that have come

They're all from you and that thing you've become

Don t you remember when we were young and small?

All the secrets we shared, do you remember at all?

Now my hatred for you is growing strong

Every insult you throw, is it really so wrong?

That your face makes me shake

How much more can I take. . .?

Now, do you see what you've done?

This happened to ME, congratulations you've fucking won

Now are you glad that you killed me inside?

Because now I wish I had really died Of course you don t, you ll never know

All the pain and suffering

I ll never show

My heart isn't mending

Because of all you re bending

It's form slithering back

Only now it s black. . . .

I don t think they realize,

the tears coming out my eyes.

I hate how they get to me,

and how they don t see,

that my heart is bleeding,

and that my tears have meaning.

People just don t understand,

I want to show who I really am.

There are so many things I need to say.

but even if I could they won t give me the time of day I'm hearing you call me a whore as I walk.

What did I do to deserve this harassment.

See that girl,

The one with the smile?

Do you know she's been hurting for a while?

Does gossiping get you anywhere?

Does anybody actually believe it?

I don't get why they would,

All their doing is getting other people

To talk about you and not themselves.