Welcome to primetime, the sweetest crime was to dream.

Underneath the Golden Dome of the Rock, some hearts melt

like icecream because they never felt this close to heaven before.

Where on earth is your home? Where on earth is your paradise? Rome has your

heart even after sunrise. Nature stops breathing while you enter the world's stage.

Living on the edge, history is at your mercy. You wear your heart on your sleeve just like a

new fancy dress. You press your way through obstacles everyday. Please stay alittle bit longer, brown sugar, pretty

angelic smile. How does it feel to be fragile and yet wanted? How does it feel to be a champion that is an inspiration

to many? How does it feel to walk in the footsteps of Jesus? Precious, you deserve to be loved twenty four seven.

You are blessed beyond what words can say. I pray you may discover the magic that is hidden somewhere deep within yourself.

I listen to your heart talk and it is music to my ears. Extraordinary beautiful life, you are my immortal. You

are very special to me. I have held your hand for all these years. The tears of the ocean

embrace us until dawn heals our broken hearts once again.