You will
Make her proud.'
The general says.
Fifty new faces,
Some filled with dread.
Others excited,
To serve their country,
To fight to the death.

Endless hours of training
Until: 'Move out Men,
We hit 'em tonight.'
Each soldier,
Ready to roll,
Helmets on their heads,
Guns in their hands,
The memories of families
In tow.

A scream,
A shout,
Many fall dead.
None of it is enough.

After it's over,
A friend holds a friend.
He just saw
His brother fall.
Another one,
Writes home,
Saying he's done here,
Ready to return.

Many can't stay,
Many go home,
Nightmares of battle
Still ring in their heads.
The sound of gunshots,
From a backed up shower.
Many go insane,
Or die from the pain,
Others stay strong,
To be remembered