I remember notes exchanged
Over menial topics
Sitting in class,
When we should've listened.
You said we'd stick it
Till the end.
Both of us,
Best Friends.

I remember you told me
Over text one late night,
'Hey I might be moving soon,'
'Where?' I responded,
'To Texas.'
That night
I sat awake crying.
My best friend was leaving.

The next few weeks,
We were inseparable,
'Two peas in a pod'
They'd say.
I'd laugh and think
'If you only knew.'

That day I saw your mom
She asked for you
I dreaded what she was doing.
Out of the classroom you came
'Im leaving today, I'll miss you'
You told me.
I bit my cheek
And swallowed back tears,
I wouldn't let you see
All of my fears.
I smiled and hugged you.
The last one for a while.
I turned as you talked
To your mother.
I went back to class.
Tears threatening to spill over.

That night I sat
All alone in the dark.
I couldn't call you,
Your plane had already left.
I watched the sky that night.
Seeing a plane
And wondering if it was you.

A few weeks later you texted me.
'Hey, I finally moved in.'
I smiled and replied,
We texted till it was 2:45
3:45 for you.
I eventually yawned
And called it a night.

Even now we still talk,
But I will not forget
How we used to
Stay together
Even when
You were sent to leave.

I miss you old friend,
I can't wait
Until we see each other