Perfection is the monster
Everyone sees in me.
Perfect smile
Perfect grades
Perfect life.
When I
Try to come out
Perfection laughs and says
'You're not good enough,
And you never will be.'

I feel like Perfection is pulling me
Down until I'm drowning
Until my lungs are filled
With Silent Screams
Begging, clawing, gnashing, yearning
To be released.
When I get the power
To say my soul,
Perfection swoops in
On silent black wings.
Her ice cold hands
Clamp down over my mouth.
She drags me away
And hides me under lock and key.
She takes my place
Living the life I could.
Cuts, scrapes, bruises, and bumps
Decorate my skin
From every escape I try to make
I will Silently Scream until
Will listen.