Welcome, my weary travelers. May you all be welcome in my humble dwellings.

I must assume your journey has been long and tiring. This is not the time to start with silly courtesies, my dear friends. Take a sit near the fireplace and drink. Drink to your health or mine, I will take no offence.

Come near, come near… you are shivering. It's true, it hasn't stopped raining in at least a week. You are lucky you came across this cabin, you know? I am the only one who still remains.

What are you mumbling? What are you whispering among yourselves? You had the feeling you were walking right into a ghost city? Well, of course you have, this is spring valley.

Yes, yes, I can see the irony. Our small town's name doesn't quite reflect the scenery you were darting through just moments ago. But… let's not dwell in those grim memories, nor call upon us the black clouds of melancholy… This house is already too dark and gloomy by its own.

I'm glad I finally have visitors. Someone to talk to. I… can't really recall when I last talked to another human being. I, of course, have my pets to keep me company. They are amazing at it, don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want to insult my faithful companions after all this years. But an old man like myself requires from time to time ears and minds more alike.

But, alas, look at the time. Your chambers are all set up if you wish to rest. Oh, don't give me those surprised looks. I have been waiting… longing… for your arrival for so long now. I hope you will forgive any spider webs or dust you may find on your way up the stairs. At my age, going upstairs isn't as easy as when I was a young lad such as yourselves.

I'm sure you are worn out from your journeys, I must insist. Its not an easy endeavor to get lost in these woods.

No, no, don't try and explain how is it you got lost, nor how you got so near my windows you could notice someone was actually living inside. I won't meddle with your secrets, only if you promise you will meddle with mine.

Let's leave, travelers, old stories and questions for tomorrow. You may not notice the difference between pitch black night and morning in this weather, though… Time has become a relative thing in this place, in this valley. Oh, don't look afraid, I'm a harmless old man. Young lads with your energy and strength could force me to my knees with just one hand, there is nothing to worry about.

Rest, drink, eat… Rest your weary minds… Tomorrow will be another night.