I am a fish. Water surrounds me and the light glitters off my scales. I am still a fish. There's a hook in the water, right by my face. If I tug on it, maybe the hook will get annoyed and go away. I am a fish still. Oh, tugging the wire was a bad idea. It snagged me. I don't really want to fight right now…I wish I could whistle. If I weren't a fish…nope, still a fish. I wish I were a magic fish at the very least. I'd like to be a magic fish. I don't like being a normal fish. If I were a fish like a shark…I wish I were a shark. A magic one of course. If I concentrate, maybe I can evolve…no. Still a fish. Oh look. More hooks. Dummies. I'll just swim around them and not get into any more fights. I wish I had fists or something so I could teach those hooks to mind others. If I were a hook, I wouldn't have to deal with other fish…ugh. I hate being a fish. Wait! If I were a whale, I'd be big and scary. I wish I were a whale. Then the hooks wouldn't be so rude to me. Look how snooty they are. They won't even talk to me. Not that I can actually talk. I wish I had vocal cords. I wish I were a magic whale with a dorsal fin and fists and vocal cords! There. That should take care of—still a fish. Wishing doesn't work. Maybe if I go to that landfill, I can become something else. Maybe a fish monster. That wouldn't be terrible. I'd be big, scary, have vocal cords, and have fists. The hooks would run away, but so would everything else. Never mind. I don't want to be a fish monster. I'd be hideous. I'm decent looking now, but if I were coated in sludge then…ew. Not happening. I still don't want to be a fish. Maybe if I find a whale, I'll be eaten and become food, not a fish. Wait—that'd mean I'd die. Not happening. But if the whale was magic and spit me back up while I was covered in it's magic whale spit…I could wish to be something—

I am a whale. That fish I just ate became food. I'm smiling now.