The Rainbow Tapestry


Harry Black Sage

The ordinary looking lamp

One day there was a man who discovered a lamp in a place long forgotten by any who were still alive.

He found the lamp to be quite ordinary looking, but he was in a dark place and was in need of some light to find his way back home.

So, with the help of the lamp, the he was able find his way home in the dark.

He was able to find his way home, and find and marry his true love, with the help of the light from the lamp.

They were very happy together, but the world around them was still a very dark place, and they alone had the benefit of the lamp the man had discovered and brought home.

The lamp became more useful as time went by, and they found that they were much safer and free now that they had the lamp, because its fire could protect them from great monsters in the outside world.

These monsters were eating all the other people in the world around them, without mercy, and with great relish.

They also used the heat and the light of the lamp to warm themselves and their home, cook their food, and light up the night time hours for them to rest and learn together without having to sleep early like the rest of the people in the world around them, for fear of the dark.

One day, as the woman was cleaning their house, she came to look at the lamp, and noticed it was dusty and in need of some shining.

As she set herself to the task, she found the lamp to be more beautiful than she had thought, so she polished more and more till the lamp shone very brightly indeed.

Both the man and the woman were astounded at the beauty of the lamp, and so naturally the shining lamp came into their dreams that night.

Three wishes

In the dream world, a mighty angel of light appeared to them, and they were afraid.

The angel radiated love that was kind and soothing, and smiled at them, so that their fears left them and they were able to allow the angel to heal them and speak to them.

The angel told them that it was the shining of the lamp which had allowed her to find them, and that they could now make three wishes, for she was mighty, and it was her task to serve and protect those who find and shine the magic lamp.

The man and the woman were very happy to feel so safe and free with the mighty angel of light there with them, and felt very lucky to have found the lamp, but they were still too young to be brave enough to make their wishes, because they feared they might waste them on unimportant things.

So the angel smiled again and told them that that was a very good answer, and promised to come back one day when they were ready to make their wishes.

The man and the woman tried very hard to find out what was important enough to use their wishes for.

Shine the lamp and burn the ladder

One day, as the man was searching for the answers, he found a wise healer and asked her for help.

He told her about the angel, and she was not surprised, for she could see the truth and she felt that he was being truthful.

She told him not to fear and be patient, that one day, if he just kept shining the lamp and using it to look at the world around him, he would feel what the most important things are, and so discover what he needed to know.

She promised that when he was older the light from the lamp would show him what was in his own heart.

So the man returned home, and told his wife what the wise woman had said, and they practiced shining the lamp and using its light to see within and without themselves, and learn about their hearts and minds.

The most beautiful creature

One day the man saw something beautiful by the light of the lamp, something so beautiful, that he could not name or understand, but he felt his own love for it so keenly that he forgot all else he was doing. This scared a lot of his friends and relatives, because they depended on him for some important things, and he no longer seemed to care.

He also owed debts to the rulers of the land, was no longer working, and as a result would have been sent to debtor's prison if his hard working family did not give up arm and leg, to save him from poverty and destitution.

So his friends and relatives were very hurt because he just left them behind.

They tried to follow him where he was going, but they couldn't, because you needed a lamp to see in the dark places he was leading them, and they had no lamps that could light far enough, to see their way through the mazes that blocked their pursuit.


The man was very sad that he could not bring anyone with him, and struggled many times to give the others some idea of what he was chasing, but they had no idea what he was talking about, because he could not show them what he meant, no matter how hard he tried.

One day he had to make the very hard decision to leave everyone behind, because he could see that the beauty he was chasing was very far away from him, and too dangerous for anyone else, and if he didn't go find out what it was and bring it back, then no one would, and the mighty angel would have to wait another lifetime, to try again with another.

So he followed the trail of the beautiful creature into a great and dangerous forest that no one he knew had ever entered and returned from.

He was warned by guardians not to enter the forest, and was turned away by them, because it was their purpose to prevent people from losing themselves forever in the great labyrinths of the mighty forest.

The secret gate

The guardians did not know that the man had the magic lamp to find his way, and so did not watch as carefully as they might have if they had known.

With the lamp he could see a secret gate that was only revealed to his eyes under the light of the lamp.

He came to the gate, that was sealed shut by powerful ancient magic, and to his surprise the gate turned its face upon him and told him that he might only enter on one condition.

The man was very eager to pursue the beautiful creature he could not name, but was wary of what the gate might ask of him.

The gate told him that he would have to cut off his own head and offer it to the gate, so that the gate might empty it out, and fill it with light from the lamp.

The gate said that it would be very painful, and that he would have to do it himself, and feed the head to it.

Lose the head

So the man, searching his heart with the lamp found that he loved the creature more than his own head.

So he bravely took out his sword to cut off his own head, and was grateful that none of his loved ones were there to witness it and grieve.

Then his head fell into his own hands and he only felt his heart as it carried his body to the gate.

The man's body placed his head into the open mouth of the gate, which started to suck out all the memories in it, so that the head became cleansed and the man's head remembered nothing at all of anything.

And the gate opened and a beautiful angel appeared to the man, and the man's heart in his chest opened, because the head upon its shoulders was clear.

And the angel entered the man and healed his heart and body, and showed him what he wanted the most in the world.

The tree of life

A wondrous tree of life filled the head of the man with great beauty and every ecstatic sensation imaginable flooded his senses from the inside out.

He felt as if he could smell and taste and hear the fruits of the tree and see how far its branches, and how deeply its roots, reached.

His body greatly desired to enjoy the fruits of this tree and spread its seeds, and so his body spoke out of his heart to him and filled his mind with purpose.

His mind now served only one desire in him, to become the tree and nurture it and enjoy its abundance.

The man could not remember anything, but he felt everything, and he followed his heart until it led him to the heart of the tree.

Magical tattoos

That night, the mighty angel of light appeared to them again, and said that they were now ready to make their wishes.

The man agreed, because he could feel throughout his whole being with total certainty what he wanted the most in life.

First, he wished to always be able to carry the tree of life within himself, and nurture and enjoy it, and so the tree took root within him and pushed out its branches through his head, arms, hands, legs and feet.

It's branches also broke through his back, from his thumbs, up the back of his arms, up and down the middle of his back, up to the crown of this head, and down his legs to his heels, and around his feet to his big toes to form great wings of pure light and energy.

He also found himself covered in magical tattoos which he was suddenly able to read, even though they were in a strange symbolic language he had never seen before.

Using these tattoos he was able to understand the functions of the different parts of his energy body, and put them to proper use.

He used his new powers and shared the power and beauty of the tree with his wife, and they were both reborn through the fountain of youth that was contained in its fruits.

Life became effortless to them as they learned how to keep the tree within them and nurture and enjoy it without interruption.

The rainbow tapestry

So the man and wife were happier than they could ever have imagined, but still felt compassion for the other people in the world who couldn't find the tree in themselves.

So they were ready to make their second wish, and the angel appeared to them once more.

They wished to have some way to show the world the tree within, and the angel showed them a rainbow tapestry that weaved through all things in the world.

The angel told them that if they just looked closely at the rainbow tapestry, they would learn how to show everyone in the world how to find the tree within them-selves.

And the man and the woman learned to watch the tapestry closely, and the tapestry showed them the ways around the world, and how to reach all the people and places they needed to reach and share with.

The last wish

The man and the woman followed where the tapestry led them, and were able to wash the whole world clean with the fresh waters that flowed around the tree of life, and under their loving care, its branches reached everywhere, and its roots through the whole earth.

The man and the woman only desired one more thing in the world, and wished together children to carry on their legacy of the tree, and complete their journey along the woven fabrics of the rainbow tapestry.

The angel granted their wish, and many beautiful children were born to them and their days were abundant.

They lived to see their children flourish in the shade of the tree, feasting always on its fruits, and when their time came, they left their bodies in the soil among the roots of the tree.

Their children were too wise to grieve, and instead made sweet wines from the fruits of the tree, which they drank merrily to their heart's content, singing songs to their own children about their grandparents, the tree of life, the rainbow tapestry, and the ordinary lamp that led the way.