These are the rains

That makes the rainbows shine

With all the ugliness and gray

It deserves a happy ending

The rains you wish to scamper and play

To feel every drop

Graze your skin

To feel the thunder

Shake you to your very core

The pouring rain

You wish that it will never end

Hearing each drop

Feeling each drop

Seeing each drop

Smelling the evil of the earth

Watching it being swept away

Feeling the new world unfold

Ready to take on the thing that is


The rain is pure


The earth…

Oh the earth

Impure and


The rain is its only way of surviving

Being reborn every time

Just so it can be crushed

Brought down

By humanity

Oh humanity

There is no way to begin

To describe the hardship

The world has to face

The world we take for granted

It's a beautiful place


Its slowly not being the same

As the world goes on

Humanity will cease

And what will happen then?