The rain poured

The wind howled

I stood on the steps

Wondering what to do next

I let my mind wander

As the rain poured

On my face and hands

I hold myself firm but I feel another set

I look arms around my waist

Holding me fast

I lean back

With hopes of not falling

I smell the familiar smell

Feel the familiar warmth

The lips in my ear

Whispering, "I am here,

I am here."

We stood in quiet

As the rain poured

And the wind howled

I turned to face my whisperer

Only to find a love I once felt

Back to haunt me but this time stronger

My love was back my heart stuttered almost freezing

My eyes well

But only to look like the pouring rain

I come closer

Noticing I have gone afar

The warmth closes me in

Whispers in my ear

"I am here, I am here."

Again I fall

I sputter the things I have done wrong

Only to have my heart be opened

As he placed his arms

Tighter around me still

The wind howls again

I hear a bit of words

I feel the breath go in

And out of his lungs

Like a soothing wave

In and out, in and out

I carefully move my head

Careful not to disturb

The moment so special

He was looking up

His lips moving in prayer

I ever so lightly touch

My lips to his neck

He stops for a moment

The continues

But only for a moment more

I have just enough time to catch my breath

Before it was lost again

He took my breath away

While he sputtered with apologies

He kisses my forehead

"I am here, I am here."

And I knew from then on

That he was here

And was never going anywhere