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This isn't a new story, it's just a section where I can put pieces of my story, Devotion and Desire, that don't really work into the main plot or that I decided to cut out.

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This is a little outtake that I've been working on to combat my writer's block. It takes place between chapters 7 and 8. I wanted to continue the idea I started in chapter 7 where Marcus rescues Juliet and then wants revenge on the human who tried to rob the store.

Excerpt from Chapter 7:

At the front of the store he noticed that the bald human was gone; no matter that man would not be able to hide from him for long.

Blood his beast whispered to him.

Yes but we want him alone. Tonight he is ours; Marcus finished the thought with a wild grin, letting the creative images of that human's impending beating fill his mind.

His beast rumbled its approval.

I love the idea of a vengeful Marcus and I hope you do too. Enjoy!

Marcus growled under his breath as he watched his quarry; he had been looking forward to this. The thief who had been so foolish as to attack Juliet – now back on the streets after posting bail- was about to learn the error of his ways.

He had stalked his prey to the downtown area of his mate's sunny hometown and now his body thrummed in anticipation. The hunt was stimulating but the Demon Prince craved the capture.

Completely hidden in the shadows of a nearby building, he watched the human follow a young couple as they walked away from the busy nightlife and down a deserted sidewalk. From his vantage point high on the railing of a fire escape, Marcus saw the criminal avoid the street lamps as he palmed something under his shirt before scurrying off the sidewalk.

A dark alley, how convenient. Marcus shook his head angrily. One robbery today wasn't enough apparently, he had to resort to attacking unsuspecting innocents. It would be my pleasure to spoil your plans.

With the swiftness no mortal could match, the Demon Prince launched from the metal siding. There was no sound when his feet touched the concrete pavement, no rustle of the clothing he wore as he crouched down in the back end of the alley.

He rose to his full height and strode toward his prey. Lethal anticipation pounded through his body as he purposefully made his steps echo in the silent alley. When the criminal turned around, the Demon Prince barred his fangs with an aggressive hiss. The robber gasped and tripped over his own feet. Marcus stared down at the bald man, a sneer marring his timeless face. The spineless human wasn't so tough now.

The coward pulled out a gun from under his shirt and pointed it at him. Using his natural speed, Marcus rushed and grabbed the man's wrist just as the couple walked past the alley. A simple spell kept them oblivious as the Demon Prince easily subdued the thief.

He watched as the couple walked calmly into a nightclub unaware of how close they came to danger. It was startling how humans were lacking in their basic survival instincts. Any other creature would have sensed the threat either from the sinister intentions of the human or the violent anger coming from him.

Marcus did not believe Juliet was as ignorant as the rest of her kind but it had yet to be proven. His world required constant alertness and he often relied upon his instincts to survive; if need be, he would teach his mate to do the same.

As soon as the couple was out of sight, Marcus applied pressure to the human's wrist, easily crushing his bones. The gun fell from useless fingers as the man yelled in pain.

He couldn't help but feel a rush of sadistic pleasure as he watched the human flail on the dirty ground, cursing and clutching his hand in agony. Hearing his bones break had been very satisfying but it wasn't nearly enough to appease his anger.

Leaning down, he grabbed the criminal by the collar of his shirt easily raising the man to eye level. Grimacing at the feel of the oily, dirty clothes, Marcus effortlessly invaded the human's mind, searching for his memory for Juliet. An inhuman hiss escaped his mouth when he found how much the bald man enjoyed seeing the fear on his mate's face.

Rage clouded his vision and the Demon Prince threw him into the nearest building. The human crumbled on impact, legs giving out as he landed on the pavement. Marcus had no idea how much strength he used but it was enough for the human to become disoriented as blood dripped from the back of his head.

He snarled down at the other man, lips pulling back to bare his fangs and allowing his fierce anger to bleed into his eyes as they burned bright red. "You enjoyed her fear, now I enjoy yours."

A show of otherworldly strength would satisfy his anger and give his beast a long overdue fresh meal.

Marcus stalked his fallen prey and reached down to grab the human's throat, intending to tear into the fragile column but froze when he saw ink on his hand. His breath left him in a rush; it was Juliet's phone number. Suddenly, the image of her smiling face came to mind; he remembered how excited she looked when he agreed to call her. Her expression had filled him with warmth that so simple an agreement caused her such joy, as if he could ever refuse her.

The Demon Prince exhaled a long, decompressing sigh, closing his eyes briefly as all vicious impulses eased with the thought of his mate. Her bright image was in startling contrast with his dirty surrounding that he could not find the vengeance to continue. She would not approve of what he wanted to do to the human no matter how much-

A loud gunshot echoed in the night.

Marcus blinked back to the present and saw that human held a smoking gun in his trembling hand.

Damn it, he had gotten distracted so easily. He was lucky it was just the human in the alley with him and not another supernatural creature. He had been trained from an early age to always be alert and he was extremely diligent when it came to battle but that had been before Juliet. Before she occupied his every thought.

"Fucking vampire!" the man accused in a wobbly voice. Marcus turned his full attention back to the matter at hand. He shook his head mockingly and made a tsking noise. "No, you foolish boy." He paused for dramatic effect as his beast bathed in the fear wafting off the human, "I am much worse."

Marcus ignored the man's squeak of fright and crouched down to pick up the bullet meant to pierce his chest. He held the flattened piece of metal and glanced down at his shirt, there was a tiny hole in the material but the exposed skin underneath was smooth and unharmed.

He gave a sinister grin to the robber who turned deathly white as he backed away and noticeably swallowed.

The beast in him loved the scent of the man's fear and it relished the challenge the foolish human had issued.

The tiny piece of metal was hot as he rolled it between his fingers. Marcus chuckled darkly, "Human bullets are so pathetically weak." With a twitch of his fingers he crushed the bullet and let it fall to the pavement in a shower of dust. Primal satisfaction surged in his veins from showing the criminal how easy it would be for Marcus to crush him, that his life was in the hands of a true predator.

But no matter how much he wanted to, Marcus knew he couldn't kill the man. Not when Juliet's smiling face filled his thoughts. Besides, he didn't want death on his hands with what he had planned for tonight.

The Demon Prince wanted to visit his mate just to ensure her health. He didn't like how he had to leave her in the custody of the police that afternoon. She had looked too pale when he left her and he remembered the hint of fright that lingered in her eyes. She had been injured through a fault of his own and it was the very least he could do to heal her side.

Anger gripped him at the reminder of what the coward did, his beast prowled just beneath the thin veneer of his skin; it snapped and snarled at Marcus' restraint. It wanted out, now.

The Demon Prince couldn't afford to let the animal take control but he could compromise. His beast didn't like the fact that Marcus intended on keeping the human alive but it gave pause as he formed an alternative, equally satisfying plan.

The coward's shuffling steps brought the beast to attention. They both focused on the human now in agreement as to what punishment they would deliver.

Marcus did not have to look to be aware of what the thief was attempting to do. His keen senses allowed him to pick up the increased heart rate coming from the other male as well as thickening of adrenaline in the air. The thief was going to make a run for it.

Both man and beast smiled in feral anticipation, they loved the chase. He stayed crouched with his muscles rigid, waiting for the human to scurry away. As the scuffling steps gained speed, a low growl erupted in his throat signaling the start of the hunt. When the coward sprinted away, Marcus and his beast leapt into action with an animalistic roar.

Minutes later, Marcus was comfortably ensconced in shadows, arms crossed leaning on the building across from the town's police station. He settled in to watch the show.

Battered and bruised, the thief stumbled up the concrete steps of the police station crying loudly as he confessed to all his crimes. The human jumped and flinched at little sounds, frantic eyes searching for a threat that was not there.

Marcus watched several officers pile out of the building and restrain the bald man. It took three of them to subdue him, one of whom recognized the criminal from earlier today. The thief was twitching and jittery as he was placed in handcuffs and read his rights although Marcus was sure the human didn't hear a word of it.

"This guy's having a bad reaction to whatever drugs he took," one of the officers commented on the criminal's erratic behavior.

Marcus grinned at the comment, a flash of teeth and fang; no drug could match the nightmares he had inflicted onto his prey. He planted a strong compulsion in the thief's mind that would trigger those unpleasant images every time he thought about harming anymore innocent people.

He watched with primal satisfaction as the human was taken into the police station. It was by no means his hardest battle but it was certainly one of the most satisfying.

Feeling that justice was served, Marcus turned on his heel and strode away. His beast finally settled down, satisfied with what was done to the filthy human. As the thrill of the hunt faded, his fangs retracted, and his eyes returned to their normal green color.

Walking deeper into the shadows, he stretched his senses wide to ensure no one watched him. Positive of his privacy, the Demon Prince leapt to the roof of the building faster than a mortal could blink.

Standing tall he looked past the city lights and focused on the dimmer suburban area of the city. He could vaguely sense the general direction of where Juliet was but he would have to depend on the bond that had formed the night of his Quivering to find out exactly where she lived.

Using a tiny tendril of his magic Marcus manipulated his eyesight until he could see every detail from any distance he wished. Everything from insects to the minuscule water particles that hung in the humid air were clear to him even at twenty miles away.

He saw many suburban neighborhoods with numerous houses but he could not tell which one belonged to Juliet. Some windows were lit but most were dark given the hour of night. He assumed his mate belonged to the latter group; she would be resting after the day's trauma.

He scanned the streets, letting his instincts guide him to his mate. The thought of her smiling face acted like a honing device instantly channeling the mating bond to pin point Juliet. His senses pulled him west to a quiet neighborhood. His eyes locked onto a small dark house with no lights on inside. His focus was drawn to the farthest window and a rush of energy raced through his veins. His beast, so close to the surface already, perked its head up the moment their bond found Juliet.

Eyes locked onto the dark house, they could feel the pull of her essence. A warm tingle shot up his spine at the elemental caress of their mate. Marcus took a deep breath to subdue his baser half, hoping the creature would calm some before they reached Juliet's home.

His connection to the beast was stronger than normal. Being in agreement with each other rarely occurred but it seemed if the situation involved their mate then the animal was willing to cohabitate peacefully with Marcus. He could feel the creature's need to see their little human. It had protected and defended Juliet and now was desperately excited to see her.

The Demon Prince exhaled a sigh of relief, thankful his other half was rational for the moment.

He closed his eyes out of habit more than necessity, and pulled on a tiny tendril of his magic. The sensation of cool water breezed over his body as he directed his power to appear unnoticed in his mate's home. Earlier today he was able to do this effortlessly because she was in danger but now when his little human was safe and asleep it took him a bit longer. Something he intended to rectify once she was aware of his nature. Since a tracking spell would be felt by her Marcus would wait to strengthen their fragile bond.

Humid air no longer surrounded him as his feet landed on carpet. The rich scent of mangos assaulted him as he opened his eyes. Marcus found himself in the same position as his Quivering night. He stood at the foot of her bed as Juliet slept peacefully.

Following the same pattern as that night, Marcus quickly spelled the room to ensure they had their own personal space, secured from any interruptions. He did not want to be distracted tonight.

As he stared down at his mate, peace sank into his tensed muscles with every pull of her tropical scent. The unique aroma of mangos calmed his beast entirely; it relinquished its annoying position at the forefront of his mind, giving the reigns of control back to Marcus.

With the beast's demanding urges no longer guiding him, the Demon Prince was able to patiently study his mate. The corner of his mouth quirked as he saw Juliet was once again sprawled across her bed in an awkward position. She was lying on her stomach with the sheets balled towards the edge of the bed, barely covering her right leg. The teasing amount of skin left uncovered gave him an unobstructed view of her glorious backside.

Of their own accord, his eyes traced the enticing curves of her body. Her bottom was encased in a short purple material that left little to his imagination. The shorts were stretched tightly over her soft flesh and the amount of bare leg he saw had him swallowing deeply.

A tiny shift from Juliet had him snapping out of his arousal with a violent shake of his head. He was embarrassed to have been struck dumb by all that smooth, warm skin that lay exposed for his perusal. Just the image of her stretched out…

Stop it, he told himself. Marcus closed his eyes to try and get control over his arousal. He didn't come here to ogle his mate and betray her privacy. With a small expel of magic he draped the sheet over her body, covering her tempting curves.

With closed eyes, he reached up and tugged at his hair. He wanted to distract himself from the appealing sight of his mate. Evidence of his desire strained heavily against the seam of his jeans, the zipper biting sharply into his engorged flesh. The sharp lance of pain was more than welcome because it pulled him back from Juliet's unconscious allure.

His intent was to come and check on his mate, to make sure she was safe and healthy; he didn't realize how tempting she would be even in sleep.

Taking deep even breaths, Marcus listened to the lulling sound of Juliet's heartbeat. Just like this afternoon, the rhythmic sound was able to grab his attention. It allowed him to focus on the task at hand. Several moments went by with the only movement from him was to inhale her unique scent and let it calm him. Eventually his desire ebbed into cooling embers.

Under control with no threat to her privacy, Marcus opened his eyes to the small room and the human meant just for him. The moon's soft light illuminated her body, giving her an ethereal glow as she slept. His sleeping angel.

Moving with the silence and grace only an immortal could match, Marcus carefully sat on the edge of her bed without waking her. He wasn't touching her but he was close enough to feel her body heat soak into him. The Demon Prince shivered slightly, effected by the unintentional intimacy of the situation but refused to let it overwhelm him.

Instead, he watched, transfixed, as her deep breathing caused her small torso to rise and fall.

He placed his hand on her back, wanting to feel her breathe. His large hand easily covered the width of her torso and his fingers lightly curled into her sides. Her warmth soaked through her thin pajama top and an ache echoed in his chest. Just to know she was safe and protected by his magic gave him a sense of purpose not even being a prince of the Demon race could bring him.

Juliet was so small and fragile compared to him; her innocence screamed at his baser instincts. She needed his protection, his strength and after centuries of waiting, Marcus was only too happy to give her anything she needed.

She had no idea she had a devoted guardian who would never stop watching over her, whose every desire was to make her happy.

With trepidation, his fingers skimmed down the side of her torso coming to rest just above the spot where he knew a bruise marred her skin. He remembered the pain on her face even though she tried to hide it; a silent snarl curled his lips as the knowledge of that weak human injuring his mate spread through his mind like poison. It was an extreme insult that someone was able to harm her; he should have never left her side and his beast had made its opinion abundantly clear.

It surged to the surface as he lifted her pajama top revealing the discolored skin. His acute senses became a burden then as he was able to see the dark stain on her torso and smell the pooled blood.

His hands shook as he clenched them against his rage. He was supposed to protect her and keep her safe. Fate had gifted him with her, his mate and he had…

Foolishly believed she would be out of harm's way in the human world. His jaw clenched in anger at the thought of her in such a precarious situation.

Nothing drove a demon male like the need of his mate. It was feral. Animalistic. The need to protect what was his, shelter her from any harm. Her pain and need was also his and there was nothing worse than not being able to protect his mate. The instinct to fix his oversight and heal her side would not be ignored.

His fingertips brushed tenderly over the area, leaving whips of soothing energy behind. Her brow furrowed at his use of magic, the healing sensation disturbing her sleep. He may have the power to heal her but he didn't have the knowledge to do it seamlessly. He smoothed her forehead with his thumb after he erased the reason for it.

Marcus was proud at the sight of her smooth, unblemished skin. He was not a skilled healer but mending a bruise was simple enough. He covered her up again and looked fondly down upon his sleeping mate. Her chestnut hair spilled across the pillows in tangled disarray proving she was a fitful sleeper.

The air was warm creating a soft blush on her cheeks and her lips were slightly parted as she breathed deeply in sleep. His eyes drifted down to her curvy form outlined under the rumpled sheet. Marcus took a steadying breath and looked away as a shiver ran down his spine. Alluring mangos and feminine sunshine invaded his senses, causing his head to swim.

His lips stretched into a wry smile; everything about this woman enthralled him. Her innocence, her scent, her body all formed his perfect mate.

He was hard-pressed to keep his hands off her but Marcus knew better than to linger. He had healed her side and now must leave her to sleep peacefully.

Marcus stood up, moving a step back from his young mate. She immediately turned onto her side, facing him, her arm reaching across the bed in an attempt to reach him. The breath left his lungs; an enormous ache of emptiness tightened in his chest. The urge to return to her side was overwhelming. Even if it was only in her sleep, the knowledge that she wanted him made his protective instincts surge to the surface. She was undeniably precious to him and he needed to look after her, needed to find a way to get closer to her.

Marcus wondered how he could integrate himself into her life; he wanted more than this afternoon's brief meeting. He regretted that their first meeting was during a robbery with his mate's fear being the first thing that greeted him.

He idly traced the edges of the paper he kept in his pocket as an idea formed. The single sheet of paper was how he first discovered his mate's name, written on the top of what appeared to be class notes. Perhaps he could casually meet her while she was at school; he knew it was a place humans commonly gathered.

Amusement lightened his mood; it had been many years since he last entered the academic scene. It would be highly interesting to return to school during this technology-driven century but he absolutely dreaded becoming a student again.

Perhaps Marcus could devise a solution while Zivan used his computer skills to get him enrolled into Juliet's college.

With a solid plan in place, Marcus steeled himself against the pain of separation and quickly-before losing his resolve- transported out of his little heaven. He appeared in the front yard just outside her window.

The night breeze was heavy with humidity as it caressed his skin. He concentrated on the tropical air and tried to ignore the ache he felt pulling him closer towards the dark window. The Demon Prince shook his head in exasperation and purposefully averted his eyes. He would not be able to stay away from her for long. Instinct demanded he stay near but it warred with his need to respect her human privacy.

Marcus sighed, setting aside those thoughts for now and focused on Juliet's small home.

He flattened his palm against the side of the house and concentrated his energy on forming a protection spell. He focused on the new, potent well of power he received from the Quivering; he wanted this spell to be the strongest he ever created. This is where his mate lived it had to be the safest house he could conjure.

His beast roused within him, responding to his command of magic. It wanted to participate and help protect their mate but Marcus was wary of the creature. His other half was erratic and violent, an uncontrollable danger. That was why the Demon Prince kept such a tight leash on his emotions because of the animal's volatile rage that could ignite at the smallest infractions.

Moving deep in its mental cages, he could read the creature's single-minded thoughts. Its only desire was to keep Juliet safe. Marcus cautiously deemed it tame enough to loosen the mental chains and allow the beast some freedom within his mind.

He loosened the chains he kept on the creature and felt a surge of raw energy race up his spine as it was granted more freedom within his mind. Marcus could feel his body change as the beast prowled the forefront of his thoughts. Fangs unsheathed, claws sharpened and his eyes turned red with as his demonic form emerged.

His lethal nails easily cut into the siding of the house leaving a permanent mark of the ultimate protector who guarded this home.

Together with his beast, Marcus cast a blanket of power over the suburban home. With expert precision he made sure his safeguards were invisible and undetectable to all supernatural creatures no matter how skilled they were. No one with malicious intentions would be able to enter the house; their magic protected the occupants inside from any outside harm.

Juliet would be safe here and when she left Marcus would be able to feel her distress through their bond. He would give her as much space as possible but it would be impossible for him to stay away from his unclaimed mate.

He sighed deeply letting his hand fall away. The safeguards put his mind at ease and his beast was satisfied with their work. Marcus let his eyes linger on Juliet's bedroom window before restraining his other half once more. Its whine of protest was half hearted. Remarkably, it understood their need for distance and curled into the back of his mind with little resistance.

Relief spread throughout his body as his supernatural characteristics disappeared. It was the first time his beast had actually listened to him and followed his lead. Marcus smiled faintly knowing Juliet was the cause for the beast's unusual and docile behavior.

He took a measured step back and turned away from the quiet home secure in the fact that Juliet was safe and protected by his intricate safeguards.

Reluctantly, before he convinced himself to stay, Marcus called on his magic and vanished from the silent neighborhood. He was unable to help feeling as though he had just left a part of himself behind.

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