Gift Wrapped

I'm going to take a box,
Just an ordinary cardboard box,
And fill it with everything I am.

I'm going to take everything I fear,
All the little ticks that shudder daily
On my brain,
And pack them into the box.

I'm going to take all my likes,
All my dislikes -
Everything that makes me cry and smile -
And place them all into the box.

And every secret I have
Will be scribbled onto a scrap of lined paper,
And placed in the box,
Ready to be unfolded and read,
And understood.

I want to make little vials
That contain all my thoughts and all my memories,
And stock them all up
Inside the box too.

And I'm going to place all the pictures
Of my dearest friends in there,
Along with all my favourite pages
From all my favourite books.

I'm going to pile up every poem I ever write
In the box,
And I'm going to pile up every poem I will never write
In the box too.

And once I have extracted every part of myself
And made a copy;
Once that box contains every tiny piece of dust,
That makes up my soul,
I'm going to seal it up tight.

I will wrap it in silver paper,
Tie it up with a gold ribbon, curled at the ends,
And store it under my bed
With the rest of the monsters.

And then one sunny day,
When the rain has stopped and the sky is blue,
I'm going to take out that box, dust it off,
And give it to you.

I'm going to give you my heart,
Gift wrapped in silver and gold.

Whoever you are.