Dark, but on the verge of light

Take this silver lining please wrench it,

The waves of salty ripples dim,

Open up a teardrop and believe that it'll still drip

Yet the door will lead you past its mountain rim.

Misty eyes that still glow in the jar,

Turn slowly to see the lights of the cavern wall,

Honey suckle and piano keys tinkle bells in the stream,

Guitar strings and paper boats match the notes of snowfall.

Underground limits the sound waves but denses its tune,

The light snow will soon muffle the cries,

Do you wish for little brights in the fogged black sky?

You should welcome snowflakes that freeze river flies.

Dear Alaska in the winter sun,

Painting the skyline until only satellites,

Do you rush into the black hole of Alice,

And open windows to sun love and dogfights.

Aches and new cliff tops to watch the sudden note fall off,

In courage the moonlight whispers to the silence of two days,

Drenched in northern lights I don't feel so alone,

Try taste the many times I think of you through sunrays.

Do the letters spill of the black page?

And the disc of love plays the blank words,

Blue and dull photos float on the tide,

Rocket my fish hook to catch the blizzards.

A decoy thought of happiness remains strong,

I'll use the remote and change to channel I'll be strong,

I wish I broke the shattered mirror and covered the tracks,

The danger grows and I feel brave and headlong.

My own telescope will see right through to my soul,

These eyes have seen the teeth of a shark,

Yet I beam from ear to ear when happiness strikes,

I lose my patience when trying to see in the dark.

Why does this happen, how can it?

When the frozen screen is as soft as cotton,

The battery is half full, I see the future...

I'm filled with smiles...

My organ is my drum again and it beats when I want it to.

Again and Again...

these teeth are not so sharp there's a smile in there

there always was and will always be.