Dining With the Soul, That Dines With Your Heart, That Dines With the Mind

Close the yellow window, step away from your sun,

Bolt the black door, shatter the lies that they've spun,

You are not what they say you are and neither am I,

You have not from inception killed smoke from their sky.

Although your hands are bleeding; tighten them, rope them to the bones,

Don't use your green wings, to fly the path already flown,

Coat yourself in black, hide in that iced clone,

Spin out then back in to taste the wine in drunken zone.

So search in coal mines and wrap away the soul,

So no one can hear you, and pass the tear filled bowl,

Evolve yourself...

Paint your starless scream till day do they come,

Swiftly on Pegasus wings they run and fly to kingdom stun.

Fox and I shall dine at the king's palace of red and of white,

Your soul shall invite your heart to dance and swear your endless might,

Be careful my dear, don't sit, don't fill or smile at peeping gents,

Else your eyes be blackened and show your heart's content.

How does a shark find fish? It can hear their beating hearts

No one will hear you scream if you run the road of sharks.