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Jonathon sat upon his pot of gold. He was young for a leprechaun. But so was his brother.

His red beard blew in the wind and his green hat flew off his head. He ran to chase it for what seemed like a mile. When he finally caught it he stood at the entrance to his favorite pub.

No one there asked about his pot of gold or tried to capture him, so he walked in. As soon as he took five steps in Jonathon was in a trap and pub fell outward. A setup!

A man with black hair strode over to Jonathon's trap and started dancing about. He sang something about a leprechaun and having his pot of gold. This gave Jonathon an idea.

"Oh no, I've been caught by a human, now I must lead him to my pot of gold," Jonathon said smacking his head.

The man stopped and looked at Jonathon through the bars of the cage, "Yes, yes, you do, but you don't sound like a leprechaun."

"I'm a leprechaun. Anyways, let me out of this trap and I'll show you where to dig for me pot of gold," Jonathon hoped he sounded like an Irish leprechaun.

The man looked Jonathon in the eye, "Give me your word that you won't play me afoul."

"I give you me Irish leprechaun word, laddie. So let me out of this wee cage of yours." Jonathon banged on the bars before tugging on his green tux. The man took out a set of keys and released Jonathon.

"Thank ye, laddie, now on to me pot of gold." Jonathon lead the man to a field. The man told Jonathon to start digging while he went to fetch a cart and he handed the leprechaun a gold shovel.

When he left Jonathon replaced the gold shovel with a stone one and waited for the man to return. When he asked where the gold shovel had gone Jonathon said, "Me bucko, me pot of gold likes its gold. When I started digging all the gold was gone from it and was replaced by this old stone one. If you dig real deep you'll find me pot of gold, now I'm off."

With that Jonathon disappeared and the man started digging. And as far as I know the leprechaun is still enjoying his pot of gold and the man dug his way to China. Jonathon was a true American leprechaun.

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