I'm going to use this tiny,
Flickering flame,
To light up the blackness
In the blood
Of your soul.

Struggling for breath,
It will berate you and
Your struggle to be whole

But judge you I will not.

For the blackness in your veins
Is my own,
And the same shadows in my eyes
Dwell in yours also.

I am in no position,
To cast any stone.

I will simply use this fading flame
To find the goodness you hide within –
The gold that lingers amongst the blackness –
But not quite worn thin.

Because you will always be more than your sins
To me.
As I hope I will always be more than my sins
To you.

We care little for cleanliness anyway.
It's so mute, so pallid -
So pale and unloving.

We find comfort in each other's darkness,
In the mix of black and gold
At the root of each other's souls.

And when I've illuminated all that I can,
I will pass this small flame onto you,
In the hope that it will forever
Provide you with light.

I am not looking for honesty,
Or for one just heart.

I don't intend to wander the night,
Searching for someone
Unequivocally right.

Diogenes never found what he was looking for.

And I am not going to waste my life
Searching for perfection.

Light is meant for the darkness,
To create a compromise
We can live with.