tuesdays we have maths lessons

the world of hers is hidden in a blackness that surrounds her

her eyes glitter, sparkling jewels

silver tears

and tuesdays we have maths lessons god please help us

but her tuesdays are black and black and god help her too

lost princess in a jungle filled with hatred,

crouching lions bare their teeth

strong sharp cutting teeth, no prince to save her

wednesdays we write stories with big fluffy tigers

black tigers tip toeing along the edges of her dreams

her doll fell in the mud, dirty battered dolly

messy splattered loved toy

she tripped and her dress ripped--

thursday I fell down and my mummy hugged me

she hugged dolly; dolls can't hug back

her tummy sometimes rumbles, thunderous lightening

angry shouts. No rain fell

the storm died away

friday we had soup for tea while wind pounded our windows

thundering returns as she crouches from the cold

hide and seek among the trees but the

tigers have good hearing, their ears

stand still and pause to hear the little footsteps dash

saturday we played out on the swings, I was a pirate

fairy feet fairy whispers; this fairy can't fly

chasey games of hurting legs

panting breath, crying running tripping falling

close your eyes it's time for bed

on sunday my daddy read me a storybook

darkness and darkness, sunday forgets to come