Hey so, here is a one-shot I wrote because of a homework assignment. I did not agree with the topic being discussed and was inspired to write my perspective. Honestly, my story creeps me out. But anyway, I tried to do this in the style of just dialogue, so sorry if it gets confusing. There are two main characters, but four characters talk total. One has one line, another has two. R&R!

"Here is the new formula, Miss. All you need to do is inject it."

"Thank you, Chloë, you have been very helpful. Would you like to observe the tests today?"

"Thank you, Miss. I would love to. I'm practically purring in anticipation."

"Don't mention it, kitten. And please, call me Valley. No need to act formal, like they did when they ran this company. I shudder at the memory."

"As do I, Mi- Valley. Barbaric dog days those were."

"Indeed, Chloë. Now we must be off, for the new medicine needs to be tested immediately. The sooner it is approved, the sooner it can start helping our world."

"Yes, ...Valley. Shall I follow you?"

"Yes, kitten. Oh dear, don't carry the samples. Get one of the beasts over there to do it."

"Very well, Valley. Dog! Get over here. We don't pay you to smell the roses. Do your job, carry this for me."

"Yes ma'am."

"No. It's Chloë. No formalities. This is the new century, beast. We govern now, and the rules of the past are no more."

"Very good, Chloë. You are a very fast learner. Good job letting the beast know his place in the food chain."

"Thank you, Valley. I strive to make no mistakes."

"That is a very admirable ambition, Chloë. Keep it with you. Ah look, we have arrived."

"What test are you performing today, Valley?"

"It's a simple vaccination for a common virus. They were not able to find a cure, but we believe this is it."

"This is so exciting, Valley, but I feel like a nap. Will this take long?"

"It should not Chloë, but I agree. A nap sounds nice at this time of day. But then again, a nap feels nice at any time of day for us."

"Yes, Valley. Ugh, don't set the samples down just anywhere! Set them on the table, Dog!"

"Yes, Chloë."

"Filthy creatures, those are. They make me want to hiss and growl, I swear."

"I feel the same way, Valley. But those dogs aren't the only things that make feel that way."

"What else would make you poof up? As far as I know, they are the only enemy of Cats."

"There is one more, Valley, even farther beneath the Dogs."

"Who, Chloë?"

"The humans."

"Oh yes, Chloë. But they are so low, they don't count. After all, we didn't count as creatures to them, when they needed something to test vaccines on."

"That was a sad time, Valley."

"Help! Somebody help! Can anybody hear me?Help!"

Oh shut up, Experiment 7! You put us through worse."

"I swear, Chloë. The world has been so much better since the animals took over."

"I couldn't have said it better myself."