Light. Commonly associated with good.

Plants grow from light.

Light greets you every morning.

But light is not good.

It cannot reach into the depths of my soul.

My soul is dark and so is yours.

Our souls act as one, you and me, together.

You cannot escape me and I cannot not escape you.

Forever intertwined, locked together by the darkness.

Light will not penetrate.

Darkness consumes, covers, encases us.

You always looking for the light.

Hoping that one day the light will reach you.

But it won't.

And I know that.

One day you will accept it also.

I am alone.

You are with me.

Yet I am alone.

Your days are enveloped by the search for light.

My days are spent sinking father into the darkness.

Dragging you behind,

wanting you to join me.

To turn away from the light.

You clawing your way to the surface.

Towards the light.

Away from me.

And my darkness.