How to make a loud noise
Hurt me again

let me feel a warm mouth on my
body, let me scratch my nails
down your back, let's talk
again about how my head was
throbbing, and how I was your
favorite midnight snack, how
you lingered on would-be
memories, how our friends
asked if we remembered how
to make a loud noise, in the
splintering two a.m. hours
when I shivered beneath the
nook of night, whispering
the exact ways to break a
loud noise open like a Faberge egg.

Hurt me again,
reach for my hand casually,
lets stand alone in an elevator
again, let's act dumb and
mystified by chance and
elliptical illusion, lets linger
on the subject of time and lies,

lets talk;
lets walk a few slow steps into
the lush frigidity of our one
and only winter together,

hurt me over coffee, buy
me dinner, fork-feed me
your selections, nibble
of the ends of my plate,

put your mouth on me,

hurt me all over,
all gone now,

just hurt me again.