I'm calling you a liar

I'm calling you a cheat.

I'm turning all the tables

On what you did to me.

I'm shouting all your bullshit,

Someone will see the truth

I wasn't the horrid one.

That's what you turned me into.

You nudged your way into my life

Sweet at first; a welcome sight

But how quickly you turned sunny days

Into brutal night.

I remember the thick of your hand

Stretched around my neck

And the sting of your palm

I swear I won't forget.

I didn't know how to leave you

Though sometimes I tried

Yet when I thought of life without you,

I would have rather died.

You became my everything,

Even eclipsed the sun

It didn't matter that you hated me,

You said you were my one.

Words are poison –

Sweetly formed

Dropped with the force of a bomb,

With you, a new me was born.

I became tears and pain,

Tight-lipped and alone,

I was chained to you,

Never could I roam.

I was bloodstained razors,

And burns that still exist,

I was suicide attempts,

It had really come to this.

I can remember clearly,

The night you finally said goodbye,

I was useless in heartbreak,

Falling with another guy.

Long after our last words were spoken,

I still searched out your face in every crowd,

Called out your name in the dead of night,

Lost and hopeless; I just wanted to be found.

I drank all the vodka,

Smoked all the joints,

Cut along scarred wrists,

Trying to find a point.

Life was empty; cold and skeletal.

I was just fighting to repair

(find, heal, piece together)

A heart that was never really there.

©The Last Letter