She said her goodbyes,

Whispered her last adios,

She was finally moving on,

To where the green grass grows.

She's moved past the city lights,

With her little black dress,

She's ready for the homeland,

And what she loves best.

She's missed her stars,

Lost to the fog,

Her free sky,

To be more than just a cog.

She could have made it,

Her blue eyes glowing,

Her hair all done,

Her long legs showing.

They all could have known her name,

Her image lingering on the silver screen.

She looks back and it's hard to imagine

It had once been her dream.

But she waves to her fans,

Disappears without a trace,

They'll wonder about her,

Until she's replaced.

She doesn't care,

She's finally home,

The dew between her fingertips,

Her restless heart; no more to roam.

© The Last Letter