Tired and lonely and left here to rot

The preacher's still preaching and I am distraught

No respect and no meaning to anything left

There's no one to trust, my life now bereft

Of somewhere to run to, there's nowhere to hide

Alone now at home, but if I swallow my pride

I could hold back the anger and fight the disgust

Pretend I'm not bothered by what we've "discussed"

Because no one ever listens to a word that I say

Everyone tells me "I'll know better someday"

For now I'm a child, never mind what I've done

Not the places I've been, the respect that I've won.

No one would ever come looking to me

For I clearly know nothing, yes, now I can see

It's just like being scolded when I was a girl

I clearly can't handle the real fucked up world.

So I'll be angry for now and tomorrow pretend

That tomorrow I'm fine because you are a dear friend

And I'll go to bed crying,and I'll pray she won't see

But it's only a lost selfish bitch, it's just me.