I hate your fuckin' name,

I hate your fuckin' face

I hate that I fuckin' lost


Something I cannot replace.

You were a useless piece of shit;

The ugliest piece of slime

I fell into your worthless trap –

Spider to the fly.

And if I had to see you again,

I don't know what I would do.

I think:

I'd rip out your intestines,

Force your body in two,

I'd steal your stinkin' breath

From your horrid face

I'd kiss you tenderly,

And then be shown my place.

You'd take your fists of fury

And beat me black and blue

Before you'd be finished with

Me and toss me 'cross the room.

I was your doll,

A pretty plaything,

All for you,

I could not own myself;

All I was belonged to you.

I couldn't even try to run,

Just took it and died inside,

Heart of black and empty soul,

Your terror took its toll.

And you decided you were finished

That you needed something new

I was never good enough

I was nothing to you

And I hung onto what I could

For you were all I knew

You held every aspect of my life

Every day and every night

And it's oh-so-many

Years later

And I still hate your fuckin' face

And your fuckin' name

Cause you still fuckin' haunt me.

I'll never be the same.

©The Last Letter