Save me

Save me now before

It's to late.

Sir, will you?

No, just add another cut is all

Yes, on my arm

Where nobody ever looks

Thank you,

I'll remember you by it

How about you my lady?

No, a bruise on the leg

Create my cause to limp

It's fine

You only did it with your words

I finished the job for you.

Everyone is a cause

In some way

Of pain.

But leave them alone

Give me all you have

To cause pain and suffering

I can take it

Not like anybody will notice.

They'll just take a glance

Not even notice

And continue

Down their respective


Uncaring as to what I do

When I am


Pick up the knife



And slice again.

It will go unseen

Damn, knife can't be used?

Fine, I have strong hands

Strong enough to make my

Legs collapse

Straight from under me.

I don't care if I limp.

I don't care if one day

I break a bone.

Let me rot in misery.

Nobody notices


Nobody can save me

Except maybe one

But they don't even know

They have that power.

Because they don't feel

A way to save themselves…

I see this depressing

I want to help them

So terribly

But they don't allow me

Anything I can do

To save them just some pain

But no, all she lets me do

Is listen

She says that's plenty

That it truly helps.

I feel it's to little

I feel I'm not helping at all

"don't you see,

I need you."

No, you don't need me

How blind can one be.

It's I

Who need you?

But how could that be?

I've lived this long

I'm not dead yet

I am me, in the end.

How fitting is it though?

That you can save me

Not her, or him.

But you?

These marks on my arm

I wonder if you'd see.

Would you care?

Like you said?


Would you laugh at me?

Leave me to despair.

I guess I may never know

But tell me

Knowing you can save me

Though you may not know how.

How's that make you feel?

I feel a fool.

For honestly,

I am


To anyone

As sure I am to be


To you.