It's been a long time

Since I have felt so alive

Lying in my blood


Look, a canary!

Sing and you'll get whacked, birdie

Found dead in a trunk

Chains and Whips

Typical sadist

Your pain brings me great pleasure

You should bleed for me


Oh, wow, she loves me

Picking petals from flowers

No, she loves me not…


Art at its finest

A twist of sick, dark humor

The Danse Macabre


I just hate this place

I hide my salty tears from

Those mean schoolchildren

Silence Is Golden

They think I can't talk

It is my choice not to speak

The joke is on them

Bring Me The Cloth

Please shut the fuck up

I have a pounding migraine

Where's the chloroform?


We're growing up now

From finger paints to degrees

We're drifting apart…

Kill Me Now

Quit wasting my time

Surrounded by idiots

So… just fuck the world