The pain women go through every month,

Is our reward for not getting knocked up?

Why do we have to bleed for days?

Why does mother nature make us pay?

We were cursed with pregnancy

So we have to bare the penalty

The penalty of not bearing children

But why is that burden

Given to all of us?

Some girls don't want the fuss

Of having children at this age so why

Why are we penalized?

We did nothing to deserve this!

All we did was decide against having kids!

Because of that choice we have to bleed?

Because of what?! Are selfish deeds!?

Of not reproducing every 9 freaking months!

Or maybe because mother nature is dumb

To dumb to notice that we don't need to reproduce as much

Or that in todays world people like to fuck!

Why cant she see that having a period and bleeding

For 5-10 days is excruciating!

God I hope she figures out

That we still don't deserve to go through the pain

Of having a period every godforsaken month of the year