And they wrote your name in the sky, dear Micah,

so I wouldn't forget that you were the one I should want.

And they wrote your name on the grass with dew, dear Micah

so I'd remember you were the 6th, not the first kiss.

But how could they have known that I could never remember

the boy I never saw until there was no one left other than

that boy with the beautiful awkward hands

and the triangle smile

and the thick impossible hair

and the eyes that said they could trust

only you.

And, you

you were never like all the other ones

who wanted me and chased so hard I gave in

you were sweet and kind and I

had to run

run after you

in a never ending game of hide and seek

I'd never wanted you half as much

when you blushed and thread

your piano fingered

violinist drummer hands

through you hair

and shrugged