There's magic magic, wands and spells and potions and impossible things; fairies and giants, elves colored green and wizards with pointed hats the color of the sky, and capes the blow behind them, covered with stars. It's the magic you grow up wishing for, even after you turn 11 and no letter shows up on your doorstep, carted by a snowy owl, sent from far, far away. It's the magic of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, where a child defeats evil with his bravery or courage. It's the magic you dress up for every Halloween.

There's fairytale magic, Prince Charming with his white horse, dashing in to save the beautiful princess from the wicked dragon, where everyone always live happily ever after. And that's the magic you daydream to in math class, wishing for your one true love, Mr. P. Charming, to race in through the bland school halls on his blinding white stallion to rescue you, and only you, from your impending math quiz. It's the magic you cling to, somewhat, passing it onto your child and hoping they'll find their happily ever after.

There's Neverland. Neverland with it's lagoons and mermaids and pirates and their silver-hook hands and lost boys who will never grow up. Where Peter Pan sparkles his dust and asks for you to just sow his shadow back on so he can take you away, fly you to Neverland and never grow up, never think of collage and children and -who's-just-so-alone, to never worry about who you need to be, forever. It's the magic you wish for when you are asked about what you are going to do with yourself, and when you cannot find a job. It's the magic you wish for when you spot a wrinkle and one too many gray hairs and you are just so tired. When you wish for energy and one more childhood and less complications and a slimmer, simpler life, you wish for Neverland.

And there's love magic. Makes you do crazy things and sing on street corners and forget about everything but, "I love them," and you think you'd do anything. You'll do anything. And everyone is beautiful, because, look! I'm n love and I'm loved back. And people say it is the most powerful magic of all.

There's more than one kind of magic, love.