This story popped into my head a few months back while I was doing research on Elizabethan England for my English class.

I have no doubt in my mind that there are many inaccuracies all throughout the story, and I plan to fix that when I rewrite this.

It was also an excuse for me to practice writing things in verse. I despise poetry. Or, in particular, I despise writing poetry. I do enjoy a good poem, but writing them myself is a different subject all together. However, I want to share this. I want to see what people think. So if you are knowledgeable on Elizabethan England, or you have tips on how I can improve my writing, do not be afraid to leave them in your review. Please, leave me a review. If you've taken the time to read it, tell me what you think about it.

This story in itself is unplanned and was written in short bursts over the Christmas holiday. I have taken a break from it, but it is always on my mind. Eventually, I plan to create an outline and rewrite the whole thing. (After I do some more research, of course.)

I am an artist, and so I decided to play with this: I wrapped words around pictures or drew a picture and then wrote within them. Obviously, I can't share them here. However, if anyone is interested in seeing them and knows a way for me to post them online, let me know.

My basic plan for this story was to observe the oppression of women in Elizabethan England through the eyes of someone who is not a woman. This story is primarily in the point of view of a young servant boy. He is enchanted with the lady of the house and, using his drawing skills, he pours out his feelings onto whatever he can find. By the end of the story, he has drawn out his whole life and pieces of the lives of others around him. It's a vague and shaky foundation for such a weighted subject, but bear with me. I need suggestions. I need advice. I want to make this work.

Do not be intimidated by how many chapters there are. ]