Letting go

Days go by

As I think about how our friendship started

Laughter is the first thing I remember

Second is the times we spent with each other outside on the playground

Third is the moments we talked and goofed around

These are the moments I will cherish as I grow up

As you grow up and go your own way

These are the things that started our friendship

Now we're older, times of fun and plays are over

I may not like it at first, but this is life

We both go our own way, I should let you go

Keeping you caged like a bird in a cage would be unfair

I will let you go now, fly my friend

Spread your wings and fly, proud and happy

But don't you cry

I'm always here if you want to talk

And I always smile to myself when I think about our friendship

Of the funny moments we had, the laughter we shared, the occasional fights we fought

But life is all about growing up and eventually letting go

Sometimes it's hard not seeing you, but in the moments we can

I remember these words

Thanks my friend, for always being there for me, even after all the fights