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I ran to the water edge as fast as my little legs could carry me. It was nearly midnight when I ran outside. I needed to speak to my friend. It was urgent.

When I reached the edge of the lake, I called quietly for my friend.

"Will, Will!" I called. I searched the lake's surface. I was about to call again, when I saw something rising out of the lake. It had the head of a dragon and a long neck. It was grayish blue in color and it's eyes are a striking yellow.

The creature came closer to me. He was young, like me. And as I got older, so did Will.

"Will, you need to get out of here. Many people spotted you and there are some cops coming over here to try and take you away," I said. Will gave a small cry and lowered his head to me. I placed my hand on his snout.

"I'll be fine, just promise me you'll come back when you think it's safe, okay?" I asked.

Will nodded. I watched sadly as he pulled his head away, turned and dived into the water. A few feet later, his head popped out of the water again.

"I'll be fine, just go," I said. Will once again dived under and disappeared. And left.

I was six years old when this happened. I remember how cold the water felt on my bare feet. The way Will looked at me when he said his silent good-bye. And the promise we made: for Will to return when he felt like it was safe.

Now I wait day and night for him to return. Often on the dock behind our house and sometimes from my bedroom window.

And I wait…

And wait…

And wait…

This is our story.

Chapter One: Kira

It's been over ten years since I've seen Will. And yet I still wait for him. People fear him, taken pictures of him from a distance, until eventually a couple saw the creature and panicked. They called the cops over to investigate. That was the night I told Will to escape.

It was a cold morning when I woke up. The sky was cloudy and gray. I didn't want to get up, but I had no choice. High school.

I moaned and got out of bed. The dull morning light came through my window and lit the room a bit. Grabbing my clothes, I hurried into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror. My red hair was a mess and my deep blue eyes were dull and boring.

I quickly changed into my green T-shirt and jeans. Grabbing my gray jacket and boots (nearly tripping trying to put on both at the same time), I took my seat at the kitchen table.

"Morning," my dad said. He was sitting across from me, a newspaper in front of him and a coffee in his hand. He looked nothing like me. He had brown hair and green eyes. My mom has ginger hair, but she has brown eyes.

"Did Mom leave already?" I asked, helping myself to an apple.

"Yeah, but she won't be home till eight tonight," Dad repiled.

Mom works around the clock and often gets home very late at night. They often fight a lot, with Dad being too 'lazy' to work and Mom having to do everything around the house. Sometimes, they'll talk about me and what is best. And that was when I was younger.

I looked at the clock. 7:13. I'll need to be at the bus stop in twelve minutes.

"I'm going outside before I leave," I announced. Grabbing my backpack, I went out the back door and out towards the dock. I looked out across Lake Penelope and sighed.

The water was clear and beautiful. There are flowers that grow along the edge of the lake. I can see the little fish swimming close to the dock. I could probably reach down and catch one with my bare hands.

A cold, gentle breeze blows through my hair and the trees. I smell the salty air and the pine trees. I sigh and see my frosty breath.

I need to go. Just standing here brought too many memories.

I walk away from the dock, across the dew spotted lawn, and onto the sidewalk. I go around the block and reach the bus stop. There was no one else there. I sit on the bench and look at my feet.

I notice that another figure had just appeared. I glance out of the corner of my eye. It was a boy, about seventeen, with dark brown hair was leaning against the lamp post. He wore a dark green jacket, black pants, and brown shoes. He was staring at the sky, his face was hard to read.

Suddenly he glances down at me. I look away, blushing slightly. I didn't want him to know I was watching. But I did happen to catch a small smirk on his lips. The bus appears and we climb aboard. To my surprise, the boy chose to sit next to me (there was barely any free seats to sit in and plus, I sat by myself).

We say nothing to each other as the bus drives away to Jasper High.

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