Chapter 4! ENJOY!

Note: When William said he could change at will, he can but cannot survive on land without changing for 4 weeks or he could die. Also he has to be in water to change.



My heart raced when she spoke to me. I knew that when she looked at my eyes that she would that it was strange. But she didn't recognize me. Not in human form at least. I have been dreading her, dying to talk to her again, but we had no classes together.

I sat with to other boys at lunch; a blacked haired, brown eyed one called James and a blond haired, green eyed one called Tyler. Their auras are alright, so I could trust them. Kira sat with some girls at another table. Sensing their auras, they were trustworthy enough.

When school ended and we got of the bus stop, I had to say something to her. I couldn't hold it.

"Hey, Kira?" I asked. She turns around before she could even walk away.

"Yes?" she replies.

Now's my chance. "If you like…um… I could walk you home."

Kira thinks about this for a moment, then nods her head. I smile a little and walk along with her. We're quiet for a few minutes as we walked by houses along the lake.

We walk by one house that was gray with a red door and stop. I glance down at Kira. She was looking at the house, her eyes full of fear.

She looks up at me and grabs my arm and begins to pull me away from the house. "Kira, what's wrong?" I asked.

"Lets get out of here," she whispers. Too late. The door open and a boy, about eighteen, with jet black hair and gray eyes appears and walks towards us. Kira cursed and turns to face the boy.

"Hey Kira!" he says as he approaches us. Sensing his aura, I could tell he's a threat, but I d

on't say anything to him. Kira seemed really annoyed.

"What do you want, Kyle?" she asked, crossing her arms over her chest.

"What, a guy can't come out and say 'Hey' to his favorite girl," I says, wrapping an arm around Kira. She shakes it off and moves to stand next to me. Kyle seems surprised.

"So, who's your little boyfriend, Kira?" he asked. I glare at him. Seeing this, he takes a step back.

"Come on Kira, is this the best you can do? Come on, I'll show you my place," Kyle says, grabbing Kira's wrist and pulling her toward his house. Kira tries to pull away and get free, but Kyle is too strong and continues to pull her. I quickly stand in front of them and glare at Kyle. He freezes in place.

"Let her go," I ordered. Kyle does as he's told and runs into his house. I look at Kira. Her eyes were wide. I saw total shock on her face.

"How did you do that?" she asked.

"Do what?"

"With your eyes."

I shrug and motion with my head for us to continue walking. Kira walks beside me… a little too close, but I don't care. I feel her hand nudge mine and I slip mine hand into hers. She glances down at them. I thought she might pull her hand away, but instead she tightens her hold on it.

I smile.

She smiles.