As if these are her last
Few seconds on Earth,
She gazes up at him,
The light shattered
In her eyes
And in her heart.

She's losing beats
As the seconds slip by,
And all she can do is stare
At her world,
As it crumbles from view.

She forces her eyes wide open,
Bracing the sting of salt
To embrace the image of his face
Beneath the mask he just discarded.

She wants to drink him in,
Because if the next time she blinks
Is the last time,
She wants his face
To be the last thing she sees.

It's an ancient cliché
And she wants to laugh at it,
But laughing might mean tearing her gaze
From the page of his face,
And the words written
In its lines.

He stares back at her,
And he's hissing words she can't hear
Or see.

The oceans are in his eyes
And instead of drowning
She is sailing in them,
To the islands of thoughts
She never discovered
Until now.

But the thunderstorm is approaching,
And her heartbeats grow few;
There's a judder in her bones
And a flicker in her lashes.

It hurts too much
To keep her eyes open,
But there's no way she's going to -