Dante came to visit.


I nodded.

"I see you've been drawing again."

He smiled.

He wore a black and white striped sweater.

It lingered at his wrists.

His gauged ears and his

tattooed chest made him look tough.

He's so vulnerable though.

He wore a beanie over his longish, black hair.

He picked up a picture of a girl sitting in a windowsill.

The background was in a light grey. It was raining.

Over the picture of the girl, in a dark black marker was written

"I'll draw you a picture,
I'll draw it with a twist,
I'll draw it with a razor,
I'll draw it on my wrist.

If I do it correctly,
A fountain of red shall appear,
to take away my pain,
and wash away the fear."

I saw him look closely at the girls wrists.

They were lined with scars.