My affection for you sits warm in my chest

And thoughts of you fill my head while at rest

I miss your smile and the presence you bring

As well as the laughter you always let ring

While my mind matures, my heart yearns for you

I want to learn about all you've gone through

I know I mumble and act odd when you're around

But it's from fear you'll realize you make my heart pound

I hope you don't mind the way that I dress

Because whatever you want from me, I'll want to say yes

I worry that you think little of me

So I observe from afar where you will not see

I dream of being fearless and willing to confess

Then I count my "flaws" and worry you'll see me as a mess

At times I feel you could never feel the same

But I can't stop my emotions from soaring at your name

Sometimes I submit to the daydreams and allow myself to hope

That we'll get together and I'll no longer need to mope

Then the terror returns and threatens to suffocate

Yet my interest in you refuses to abate

I'm crushing on you and starting to fall hard

Wishing desperately for you to see me in a romantic regard

I doubt you'll hear this and learn of my affection

Because I'm much too afraid to face your rejection

But I wanted to let you know that despite my fears

My love for you existed, whether for months or for years