The years they come and whales they blow

With no regard as to where I go

On water or land I'll never be

A child of the tempest sea

Oh never I'll be a child

Of the tempest wild sea.

A lubber on land

Stuck on the sand

Padding in the tame waves

In the shallows where the sea behaves

Mucking about with the crabs

But when I look at the sea it grabs

My heart like nothing else, you see

The beautiful blue of the sea

All my heart ever whats to be

A child of the tempest sea.

Collecting shells

Amidst the swells

Of the receding tide

Watching seagulls as they glide

More a creature of the sea then me

More a child of tempest sea

Than I will ever be.

Keep my eyes upon the ground

But my ears still pick up the sound

The glorious sound of the sea

The sound of the children of the sea

Who I will never be

No I'll never be

One with the tempest sea.

Frothy waves lap the sand

The firm ground on which I stand

Lapping at my legs, standing on the edge

Of the blue oblivion, stepping off the ledge

To greet the sea as a child would

As a child would greet the glorious sea

To become one with the sea, water filling me

Becoming one with the sea