This is an essay I did for earth science...

Buildings fall, trees topple; it's an earthquake! California is a place known for its many earthquakes each year. I believe that students in the state of California should learn both the Richter and Mercalli scales because it will offer more information, it's also easier to identified and categorize earth quakes on the spot, and students will gain more knowledge.

Students should be taught both to insure their knowledge on the subject, it would provide them the ability to identify the magnitude and damage on site, or at least an estimate. The knowledge of both will make it easier, whether it's damage or intensity of an earthquake, since both have their flaws; the Mercalli has many levels, making it hard to create an exact idea, while the Righter scale has each number previous go up ten times the last number. Lastly, they will gain important knowledge of earthquakes that will help them in the future. Perhaps they work with the Geological service, or with seismographs and such.

I believe that California's students should learn both the Richter scale, and the Mercalli scale. The reasoning be hind this is that it provides a good ability to them to be able to identify and classify earthquakes, as well as making it easier, and finally, to help them in the future by giving them this knowledge. To have children learn these, the state should make it a standard and teach it at the level it seems proper.

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