Raise the banner; Wolf and Dragon,
Wyvern fly and bloody flagon!
Tainted souls laid now to rest,
Deathwing fly at Night's behest!

Thunder, blackness, lighting strike!
Tainted souls now split with fright!
Two night lovers now dance with Death,
A bloody Tango, Sons of Seth!

Blood and Thunder, Witches' Night!
Ebon hooves, Deathwing Delight!
Blood and Thunder, Glory's Sons!
A Victory gained, and Blood now runs.

Glory! Thunder! Wonders through;
A parting Kiss, as I drink to you.
Brothers in Arms, Sisters of Night,
Joined once again to make things right.

Blackened plate and ebon gown,
Ancient steel and silver crown,
Now Disappear in rays of the sun,
Honour Unbroken, Foul deed undone.