Lend now your once troubled ear,
For a new song flows for dreams to hear,
As its melody breaks the chains of fear
And brings an end to the passing tear.

For in silence we have laboured long,
To greet the rising of a song,
To raise a joy in shattered throng,
And soothe away the heartfelt wrong.

Cast back ye those who pass the rope!
To tie a noose for longing hope!
Let them be dashed on their hateful slope!
This to shall pass, this baleful smoke.

And so I submit before you all,
A Novus Aera, a clarion call,
Will you arise, to stand for all?
Let us ascend, and never fall!

To a new dawn now, shall we wake,
And a new path together we shall take,
As these chains of burdened self we break,
And the world anew shall we make.

Look upon your world with open eyes,
As the dawn light pierces through the lies,
As banners bright caress the sky,
And all eternity goes to them that tries.