I wonder why I feel so exposed

When I look into your eyes that act like windows

Into your soul I hope I can see

Yet I still don't know your feelings toward me

I dream up ways to get your attention

Of all the things I could possibly mention

Then I go and start to speak

And suddenly I've become quiet and meek

My throat's constricting, my thoughts all blur

Please tell me you're not thinking, "What's up with her?"

I want you to see me as someone special

Not a nobody who's inconsequential

On the other hand I don't want to seem too bizarre

So I fret when I realize I just sang una canción de la mar

Please come to realize what you're doing to me

And return my feelings so my heart will feel free

I know it's a lot to expect out of you

But you feeling the same would be like a dream come true

una canción de la mar = a song about the sea

With that I'm trying to refer to "La Mar Estaba Serena" (the sea was calm) which is a Spanish (the language, it's not necessarily from Spain) children's song used to help kids practice pronunciation. The song is similar to the song "Apples and Bananas" in English.